10 Ways Explainer Videos Can Boost Digital Marketing 2024

Explainer Videos are now the hottest marketing tool. They are assisting startups and large-sized enterprises to boost their sales and conversion rates. Explainer videos are a great source of assistance in engaging a broad audience with your product or website. These are vital to generating more traffic, and it delivers an eye-catchy and crucial message to your specific audience. This might be why its use is increasing among African Online business entities in countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, and Cameroon.

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is the first level of your business phase that quickly introduces you to your broad target audience. According to wyzowl.com statistics, a world-leading animated explainer video company, around 87% of businesses use video as their ideal marketing tools, and 91% rely on videos as an essential part of their marketing strategy. This helpful video endorsed the users to elevate a productive message, including emotional and robust elements that help to gain the attention of the concerned audiences.

Here are the Reasons Why Your Business Needs Original and well-created Explainer Videos (2024)

  1. The Increase In Conversion Rates
  2. Making Your Brand Memorable
  3. An Affordable Marketing Tactic
  4. Delivering A Clear Picture Of Your Brand
  5. Giving A Boost in SEO
  6. An Easy Shareable Material
  7. Easy To Made With Attractive Characters
  8. Endless Productive Possibilities
  9. Ability To Get Viral
  10. Storylines Increase Customer Satisfaction

Now let me discuss these points further:

The Increase In Conversion Rates

The explainer videos not only help boost business sales but also are a great source of engaging with online users—the attractive explainer videos emphasize the brand or product and value its proposition to the specific buyers.

Making Your Brand Memorable

These materials are a great source of attracting your users and making your brand memorable by implementing and showing what they want. The 2D explainer videos work like a wizard that positively changes the buyer's perceptions and moves them forward to increase the conversion rate.

An Affordable Marketing Tactic

Animated videos do not only save your time, but it also saves a lot of money. It is considered one of the top-rated and affordable tools to market your specific product or business. The tools can quickly help you by simply putting vital context and content into work and injecting an ideal entertainment material to engage with the target audience.

Delivering A Clear Picture Of Your Brand

The explainer videos are the best support for increasing the sales rates and generating maximum traffic to your business. It is also the most beautiful stuff that showcases what your brand is about. With the generation of sales, the videos also show a more precise picture with accurate facts and figures of your brand.

Giving A Boost in SEO

As we know, SEO – Search Engine Optimization is an excellent source of increasing your site's traffic and helps the concerned website engage with more productive and accurate audiences. If you have a website and are using explainer videos in several different ways. Then it will surely help to lower the bounce rate of your website. As engaging media content enables the user to engage with it while increasing ideal traffic on your website.

An Easy Shareable Material

If you have made a fantastic explainer video that is bound to your concern website. But it can also be shared on different platforms of social media like Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram. The main target of making these videos is generating and promoting more users and audiences for your business. Sharing these contents, it will surely assist the company in creating more views and productive conversion rates.

Easy To Made With Attractive Characters

It has been thriving research that an animated and moveable object in the internet world seeks a lot of attention from users and specific audiences. The video explainer has some lively and eye-catchy characters or avatars that sharply strike the emotions of the viewers, which are later engaged to enhance the traffic in the business.

Endless Productive Possibilities

To attract and increase your site's users, you must be creative enough to spell your magic on your audience. With perfect and well-design characters, it has unlimited possibilities to add any features to the video. Your object in the video is moveable, and hence you can do whatever you want, like to make it sing, dance, or fly in the video.

Ability To Get Viral

At the touch of a button, the video you just created can get viral in a moment of seconds. If your explainer video has quality content and reliable and productive features. Then your video might get shared by many users. To make shareable content, your video must have informative materials and information of interest to the viewers.

Storylines Increase Customer Satisfaction

To have a higher standard of lead generation, these video editing tools come up with storylines that are not restricted or bounded by the script. You have many choices there to make your own beautiful and robust storylines that result in total success for your business. Deliver entertained content with actual facts and figures about your brand, and you will surely increase the most exceptional customer satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

You should never underestimate the power of explainer videos, as it is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools. This rich storytelling will enhance your brand and increase the ease of complicated concepts. It also helps improve the SEO ranking and broaden your website's audience reach. It is a definite asset of your business that drives massive traffic for your brand and business.

Videos are a popular medium of shareable content and advertising a particular product. It is also used to spread brand awareness as people search for these explainer video services in search engines. There are tons of IT services that provide excellent service of 2D explainer videos. So if you are a startup or want to groom and increase the conversion of your business. You must have to avail of this excellent solution.

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