SEO Strategies in 2023: Definitive Guide to SEO in Cameroon

It is no secret that SEO or Search Engine Optimization in Cameroon is no longer a new concept. Gone are the days you needed to explain what the abbreviation SEO meant to business individuals. 

People have really come to appreciate the value of optimization, and SEO in Cameroon has gained enormous popularity ever since.

But for the few who have yet to understand or grasp the concept behind online marketing businesses, We are here to clarify the entire subject for you. 

This comprehensive and accessible guide will explain what search engine marketing is all about while keeping it neat and simple for the general audience. If you have any questions, please drop us a comment at the end of this post. 
We are SEO experts in Cameroon and are always ready to engage with you in different inbound marketing techniques.

What is SEO? What it means to the Cameroonian Market

Nowadays, people are very accustomed to searching for products and services online. Whether it is the trendiest shoes, the cheapest flights, or a holiday package, you will rush online to check out what is on offer and compare from a long list of massive retailers.

The Ultimate Guide to SEO in Cameroon for Dummies and Newbies 2023

The whole concept behind search engine marketing is that people will look for information, people, products, and services on search engines. Search engines are online platforms like Google and Yahoo-Bing.

How Search Engine Optimization in Cameroon works

You have decided to surprise your loved ones by taking them on a fantastic holiday somewhere on the Coast. However, you are still unsure where to stay or places to visit while on holiday. Let's take a look at an example. 

You can head to a search engine like Google (by typing the URL, and in the search box, you enter a ""term or keyword"" that is close to what you are searching for, e.g. ""hotels in Douala"" or ""Places to visit in Limbe"" or ""where to stay in Kribi.""

As soon as you enter what you have typed, you'll get hundreds of thousands or even millions of search results that match what you are looking for. All these results are related to what you have searched for. E.g., if you've typed ""hotels in Douala,"" links to popular hotels in Douala or articles on this subject are the ones that will appear. 

But you will never be able to go through or exhaust all the search results by clicking on them. You are more likely to focus on the ones that appear on the first and maybe the second page.

How SEO Helps Your Business

Search engine marketing in Cameroon helps businesses (e.g., popular hotels in Cameroon) appear on the 1st page of search results. Typically, Your business cannot just appear on top pages for relevant search terms automatically. 

Your website will need to be optimized for search engines. And when your business does not appear on top search results, you do not get any customers online. Hence, you miss out on the endless opportunities of making money online.

This is the rationale behind the marketing of businesses online. The goal is to make your company offer your website or web pages somewhere on the first and second page whenever someone is looking for a product or service that your company provides.

Reasons to Invest in SEO in Cameroon

Most of our customers have asked us these questions: 
  • Why should I spend my money on search engine advertising and marketing in Cameroon? 
  • Is there a guaranteed Return on Investment? 
  • Is it something that I can learn about and do on my own? 
  • How long will it take for my website to appear on the first or second page for its relevant keywords?

First and foremost, you must understand that optimization for search engines is a continuous process. You should never expect to have instant results. 

The time it will take for your website to rank depends on the demand for your key phrases. 

Also, SEO will have extraordinary returns if done correctly if the proper techniques and strategies are used. 
You must bear in mind SEO that is a process that takes time to see actual results. Some sites can take one month to rank, whereas others may take up to 6 months or a year to appear on the top pages of relevant search terms. 

That is how complicated search engine optimization in Cameroon is.

The benefits of investing in search engine advertising include:

  • Obtain relevant and targeted traffic to your website
  • Obtain high rankings and boost sales
  • Boost your authority and become an industry or company leader
  • Promote new products and services to underutilized markets
  • It is a cheap form of advertising compared to print media.
  • Provide customers with information that is accessible and easy to reach
  • Make sure your website only appears for relevant search terms.
  • It can be done in a long time and will promote your business for an extended period.

Conventional SEO techniques used in Cameroon

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of search engine optimization strategies employed today. Some of them are pretty effective, whereas others might appear to rank your website faster but harm your business in the long run - these harmful SEO techniques are termed black hat strategies. 

The most effective form of advertising uses a mixture or blend of strategies that work together to boost rankings in a way that search engines love.

Here are among the best SEO techniques to use when optimizing websites for search:

  1. Updating fresh and unique content
  2. Blogging
  3. Marketing web pages on social media platforms
  4. Keyword research and analysis
  5. Use of press releases
  6. Link building

Now, let's explain further:

1. Updating fresh and unique content

Many search giants claim that effective SEO is centered on content marketing. Great content is king and converts readers to subscribers or customers. There is little advertising that can be employed without high and unique content. 

Great content is relevant, unique, interesting and keyword optimized. Even small businesses, they can plan a schedule to consistently blog and update their content in only 360 minutes a week.

2. Blogging

Blogging is an enormous part of search engine promotion in Cameroon and continues to be on the rise. It helps the public get information about your industry, business, or life in general. Through blogging, you can optimize the content on your website for search. 

Guest blogging also enables you to obtain links from popular sites related to your own.

3. Marketing web pages on social media platforms

You have probably heard of social media marketing before. This is a form of advertising where you promote your web pages on social platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. When people share your articles or content on these platforms, you get an upvote, making search engines favor your site on popular searches. 

Content with many social signals tends to rank high on search engines, which is why social media advertising is a crucial technique used by SEO gurus.

4. Keyword research and analysis

Proper keyword research is the backbone of all SEO strategies. You will need to have the correct search terms which you are targeting. When looking for keywords, you should focus on the search volume and the competition.

Keywords with high competition are the hardest to rank. Hence, Targeting keywords relevant to your niche is essential to get highly targeted traffic to your website. 

Many tools are used to research the best keywords to target for your SEO campaign. Google Adwords is among the standard tools many Cameroon SEOs to find particular keywords to target the campaigns across search engines.

5. Use of press releases

Press releases are news articles that inform people of the latest ongoings in your business or company. When you write press releases, you can publish them on your site or other platforms to drive traffic to your site

Press release distribution is a search engine optimization technique that has been used for many years and remains equally effective when done correctly.

6. Link building

Another important strategy used in search engine advertising is link building. This is the process of obtaining links from reputable and relevant sources online. This can be done through guest blogging or social media marketing. 

When link building is not performed right, your site risks losing its credibility, getting a penalty, or being blacklisted by Google.

Difference between on-page and off-page optimization

On-page SEO is performed on your website to rank it higher on search engines. Some of the strategies used in on-page search advertising are: adding relevant tags to posts & pages on your site to make them appear for specific search terms.

Off-page SEO is typically done outside your site and involves strategies such as social media marketing, which directs visitors from platforms like Twitter and Facebook to your website. 

The other off-page search engine optimization is press release distribution, where links to your site are posted on various reputable press release sites so that visitors can be directed to your own pages.

How much will you pay for Search Engine Optimization in Cameroon?

The search company will ask you questions to determine how much you will be charged.

They may want to find out about the following:

  • How many keywords do you aim to rank for
  • The competition for the selected keywords you want to rank for
  • If the use of social media and its management is included as part of SEO
  • The number of social media platforms you want optimization to be done on
  • The number of blog posts required per week or month

The costs of search engine advertising in Cameroon will vary depending on many factors. It is essential to conduct adequate research and due diligence when identifying a company that offers Search engine optimization services. 

Basing your decision on instant rankings and price promises can harm your business. SEO packages can be as affordable as 100000 Francs CFA to as expensive as 500000 Francs CFA. It depends on what you want to be included in the package.

Social media and SEO in Cameroon

So you want to promote your site on social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but you neither have the time nor the skill to do it? Social media companies have invested so much in this form of advertising. 

They focus on increasing the number of people who like your business page and creating interaction and engagement with your customers.

Social media is a vital element of SEO in Cameroon because it helps generate social signals, which are the core factors utilized by search engines to determine how well a website ranks. 

Social media marketing usually involves promoting posts and pages of your website on sites like Pinterest and Tumblr. So it can be considered a form of link-building.

Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization in Cameroon

Content marketing is a vast subject covered in our previous posts. However, we must appreciate the importance of using great content for SEO. Great content that can be used to boost search engine optimization is one that encompasses all the relevant keywords. 

Nevertheless, keyword stuffing should be avoided at all costs. Keywords must be used sparingly within the piece of content for search engine optimization to be deemed valid.

SEO in Cameroon is evolving

SEO has grown over the years, and it continues to evolve. Gone are the days when you could build hundreds of spammy backlinks, and your site rankings would shoot up instantly. In this era, only quality backlinks would impact your rankings. 

Cameroonian companies that begin to invest in Search Engine Optimization at an early stage will be able to remain ahead of their competition and become unbeatable authorities online in their chosen industry.

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