7 Genuine Reasons Why Blogging is on the Rise in Cameroon

Blogging in Cameroon is continuously on the rise. It is not uncommon to discover sporadic blogs from Cameroon every day. This is actually a good thing, as this will imply that Cameroonian bloggers are on the rise.

Furthermore, with the increasing trend in Internet use, many Cameroonians are using digital technology and the web. This predominantly includes tech, business, health, agriculture, education, and entrepreneurship. 

One of the things that had been silent about Cameroon online is the aspect of blogs or Blogging. While discussing with Awa Cheng, a successful Cameroonian blogger based in Douala, he asked me what I could say about the rise in blogging in Cameroon.

This was what I had to say in response to that question.

7 Reasons Why Blogging is on the Rise in Cameroon

  1. The Decrease in  Internet Fare In Cameroon
  2. The Use of Twitter, Facebook, and Other Social Media Platforms
  3. Competition
  4. Unemployment
  5. The Quest For Fame
  6. The decrease in the Price of Tech Hardware such as tablets, laptops, and Phones
  7. The Dominance of Tech Start-Ups
Let me elaborate on these points below. 

1. The Decrease in  Internet Fare In Cameroon

There is no doubt Internet connection has been a hurdle over the past years in Cameroon. However, with the coming of 4G, Internet Service Providers in Cameroon, such as Mtn, Orange, Camtel, Nexttel, and Yoomee has reduced the price of internet access. 

This has also been the case with Modems and Routers. Hence, with easy access to an internet connection, a talented Cameroonian has a better chance of venturing into the blogging world from Cameroon. So, this can be a compelling reason for the rise in the number of blogs in Cameroon.

2. The Use of Twitter, Facebook, and Other Social Media Platforms

Social Media sites such as Twitter, FB & Instagram have contributed immensely to the rise in blogging in Cameroon. With over 2 billion Facebook users in Africa, Cameroon accounts for about 4 million of them. The use of Facebook or Twitter is an eye-opener to some Cameroonian bloggers. 

These social media platforms allow youths or individuals to interact and share different ideas about blogs. This has potentially led to the rise in blogs in Cameroon. Also, Facebook permits friends to post links. 

This feature, mainly used in groups, has served as an eye-opener to those interested in a blogging career. As the years go by, this occurrence is set to increase.

3. Competition

As with any other field in life, Blogging is a competitive one. Some young bloggers who admire the write-ups or articles of other professional bloggers in Cameroon will obviously be poised to follow the trend. 

After reading blog posts, some may develop the urge to start a new blog. The only worry is how many blogs will survive to the end?

4. Unemployment

Unemployment is a sad reality in Africa and Cameroon in particular. Some Cameroonians have chosen to blog today because they have no jobs. This can be regarded as a wise decision. 

People who decide on Blogging to keep themselves occupied can soon see it as a way of making a living.  

It is important to note that this is a wise way to start a career without an employer. In conclusion, it is plausible that unemployment accounts for the increasing number of blogs in Cameroon.


5. The Quest For Fame

People in Cameroon have increasingly used their names as domain names in many personal blogs.
This may be explained by the fact that these bloggers want to be unique. However, some bloggers just want to get online to have their names on the internet, as seems to be the case. 

Sooner, such bloggers become unsuccessful because they have no reason to blog. This is usually the case with so-called gossip blogs. In 5 years, many of these blogs have disappeared online. I suspect they cannot afford the monthly domain fees associated with running a blog.

6. The decrease in the Price of Tech Hardware such as tablets, laptops, and Phones

It is no secret that many Cameroonians can blog because phones, laptops, and internet keys are now cheaper. This makes it affordable, even for the average citizen. Acquisition of a computer, tablet, or smartphone can predispose a person to quickly think of fulfilling his or her dream of Blogging.

Oh yeah, lest we forget, Cameroonian Youths have been labeled the 'Android Generation.' To be honest, there is every degree of truth to that statement. Most youths can easily manipulate tech devices. With this ease of operation, a technology gap is being breached. 

Hence, most of them will be able to blog without great expertise. This is possibly another response to why blogs are increasing in Cameroon.

7. The Dominance of Tech Start-Ups

By 2012, tech startups had begun offering services to the public. Since then, they have also been on the rise in Cameroon, providing web development services to the general public. 

Previously Cameroonians who wished to get started with Blogging were usually faced with the challenge of "How to start blogging." 

With the availability of startups providing consulting services, web designing, and blogging tips, starting a blog in Cameroon is just a phone call away.

My Final Thoughts

The increase in the number of blogs in Cameroon is the current trend. Nevertheless, there is still a lot that many newbie bloggers need to comprehend.

They need to know that Blogging involves the following:

  1. Providing evergreen content
  2. Entice their followers with good web design ( mobile-friendly sites, adopt AMP)
  3. Perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  4. Promotion (Promote their sites and content)
  5. Collaborate with other bloggers (Team Work)
  6. Adopt ways to make money on your blog.

     Once you follow these tips, your blogging career is guaranteed to be a successful one.

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