All Nexttel Cameroon Latest Short Codes 2024 (Secret Codes)

Nexttel Cameroon has revamped its USSD codes to access its services. It began its Network Services in 2014. They were the first mobile company in Cameroon to introduce the 3G internet. 

This was before competitors, such as MTN Cameroon and Orange Cameroon, joined.

Nexttel has gained a respectable amount of trust from its consumers. There are reports they have surpassed the five million subscriber mark.

All Nexttel Cameroon Updated Short Codes 2024

Below are Nexttel shortcodes to reflect their service offers: 

Customer service                                                                           
Nexttel Number                                                                     
Primary Account Balance                                                                     
Bonus Credit                                                                           
Send ON by SMS TO 858
Send ON by SMS to 811
Mobi TV                                                                   
SMS 848
Nexttel Internet / Data Plans code                                              
Available Internet data balance                                                     
To recharge a credit card                                                               
*802* Card number#
Credit transfer                                                                 
Check Bonus Balance                                                                   
Next15+    Balance                                        
Enable ECO+                                                                               
Jackpot package                                                       


We hope you identified some hidden or Nexttel secret codes you never knew.

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