5 Online Typing Jobs In Cameroon: Get Paid Via Mobile Money

Many Cameroonians look for online typing jobs in Cameroon while browsing the web. Typing jobs is a quick way to make money online in Cameroon and get paid through Mobile Money.

Online typing jobs do not require any investment or capital. Hence, anyone can start it. With PBHEV laptops as cheap as 25000FCFA, everyone can earn online in Cameroon by doing typing jobs.


Content writing is always appealing when done right. In fact, a good content writer can earn hefty cash online by blogging.

A web search for the phrase 'make money online' will generate a lead search for Content writing. Hence, if you are a great content writer, online typing jobs in Cameroon are an avenue for you to exploit. This is one fantastic way to work from home.

This ultimate guide enumerates the typing jobs or data entry jobs available online in Cameroon and how to get paid.

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5 Online Typing Jobs In Cameroon: Get Paid Via Mobile Money

 These are the five (5) sites that offer Online Typing Jobs In Cameroon: 

  1. Strong Whispers
  2. Income Diary
  3. eCommerce Insiders
  4. Be a Freelance Blogger
  5. Smithsonian Writers

Skills Required For Online Typing Jobs In Cameroon

The content writer must possess the following skills:

  1. Excellent communication skills
  2. Time Conscious
  3. Great Writing Skills
  4. Inculcate critical thinking

Eligible Topics For Online Typing Jobs In Cameroon

You can choose your area of interest to write.

  • Business writer
  • Web Content Writing
  • Writing manuals
  • Newspaper or guest blogger
  • Instructional writer

How Much Time Do You Spend On Typing Jobs In Cameroon

Content writing is on the rise, as is blogging in Cameroon. As a freelancer in Cameroon, you can make lots of money. 

Companies or businesses recruiting content writers to write for them require the following time frame:

  1. Part-time project.
  2. Full-time project.
  3. One-off project.

How Much Money Can You Earn While Doing Online Typing Jobs In Cameroon (Salary)

The salary varies from website to website. The pay package of online typing jobs ranges from 25000FCFA to 75000FCFA per completed job.

How To Receive Your Payment

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