How to Fix Blogger Https Availability Status Unknown or Is Being Processed

The message "HTTPS Availability is being processed, Check back later" or "Blogger Https Availability Status Unknown" usually appears for a long time due to an error in the domain settings on the domain registrar. 

This error usually happens during the Custom Domain configuration in Blogger. First, the website works well after setting up the SSL domain, but later, the site may be inactive. Also, in the Blogger dashboard, you will see the theme displaying "HTTPS Availability is being processed. Check back "later" for a long time.

How to Fix Blogger Https Availability Status Unknown?

  • First, make sure you perform the correct DNS configuration in the domain registrar. Using Google Domains, things are more straightforward, and setup is more accessible.
  • Add two exact CNAMES (not A Host or any other record) on the dashboard Blogger, similar as First CNAME: www, Second CNAME: xxx
  • You can use various DNS entries, but I suggest using the Google custom Domains name servers (DNS).
  • Example:;;;

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How to "Fix Status: pending - HTTPS availability is being processed. Check back later" In Blogger?

  1. First, go to Blogger dashboard, go to Settings, then click Basic. You will see the configuration page as shown in the picture below:
  2. HTTPS Availability is being processed. Check back later
  3. HTTPS Availability switch to NO. 

  4. HTTPS Redirect: there is no need to switch this option from YES to NO because it will turn itself to NO, same as in the picture below:
  5. Next, check if your website is running well (of course without HTTPS: only with HTTP:)
  6. Activate  HTTPS Availability again, switch to Yes, but do not change HTTPS Redirect.  
  7. Now, check if your website is running well with HTTPS. If everything is working well, wait 20 - 60 minutes, then switch HTTPS Redirect from NO to YES. 

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