How Telegram Channel or Group Admin Can See Who Viewed a Post 2024

Telegram channel or group admins can see or know who read their posts or messages and what time their recipients read them, depending on the circumstances.

Can Telegram Channel Admins See Who has Viewed Their Channel?

However, Telegram channel creators can generally only view the names of subscribers who joined or left the channel and the time these subscribers did so. 

Even if the person immediately unfollows a channel or group, the admin can still see their initial follow in the actions tab.

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Other Statistics Telegram Channel Admins Can View

If the Telegram channel is above 1000 subscribers, an admin can now see some statistics as follows:

  • The number of views, 
  • The interactions with posts
  • The subscriber growth. 

That's the extent of what you can see to preserve people's privacy. It would be creepy if someone knew which groups or channels you visit.

How Telegram Group Admin Can See Who Viewed a Post?

Telegram has received a new update (version 8.0.1) that brings exciting features, including the receipts for small groups. The updated app is rolling out for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

One of the most significant changes is the ability to check which group members have seen your message. You only have seven days to check the views of the message.

Telegram admins may see your phone number, depending on your privacy settings.

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