Mascom Myzaka Visa Card Registration and Charges Botswana

Just like the Orange Money Visa Card in Botswana, the new MyZaka VISA card enables Mascom subscribers or other users to do the following:

  • Swipe to pay in authorized stores
  • Withdraw money or cash from ATMs.
  • Safely purchase goods online.

How to Register and Get the Mascom Myzaka Visa Card? (Requirements)

  1. Fill and submit the Visa Card form at authorized Mascom Shops only.
  2. Provide a Valid identification document:  Omang (for citizens) or Passport (for non-citizens).
  3. Submit a proof of income – e.g., payslip.
  4. Also, provide proof of residence – e.g., a utility bill, etc.
  5. Once submitted, your Myzaka Visa Card will be approved and ready to use.


Customers may complete the VISA Card Affidavit Form if proof of income and/or residence is not available. 

How Much Does the MyZaka Visa Card Cost in Botswana?

  • The Price of an issue for a MyzakaVisa card in Botswana is BWP 35. 
  • Card Validity: Three (3) years.  

New MyZaka VISA Card Tariffs or Charges in Botswana

Pricing ItemFee in BWP
Card Issue Fee35.00
BancABC ATM5.00
Non-BancABC ATM5.00
Declined Transactions (POS/ATM International)5.00
Declined Transactions (POS/ATM Local)5.00
BancABC ATM7.00
Other Local Banks7.00
VISA Card Purchase (POS – Local)1.20
VISA Card Purchase (POS – International)15.00
Online Purchase – Domestic Remittance2.00
Online Purchase – Domestic Remittance18.00
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