Mascom MyZaka: Send Money, App, Register, Code/Charges 2024


New Mascom MyZaka Withdrawal and Sending Transfer Tariffs

The Mascom MyZaka withdrawal and sending charges in Botswana have since been modified. Thankfully, some transaction fees have been reduced.

What is the Mascom MyZaka Service Code?

  • Simply dial the code *167# to access Mascom MyZaka in Botswana.

Mascom MyZaka Withdraw and Sending Charges 2024 (Mascom Mobile Money)

The table below shows the new Mascom MyZaka sending (transfer), and withdrawal charges:

Cash Withdrawal From MyZaka Account: Tariffs to Registered Customers

Number Value Of  Mobile Money Transaction  Tariff For Money Withdrawal 
225 - 125BWP 6.00
3126 - 250BWP 8.00
4251 - 500BWP 12.00
5501 - 1000BWP 22.00
61001 - 2000BWP 45.00
72001 - 4000BWP 85.00
83000 - 3999BWP 85.00
94001 - 6000BWP 125.00
106001 - 8000BWP 150.00
118001 - 10000BWP 175.00

Transfer Of Mobile Money: Mascom MyZaka Send Money

MyZaka Send Money to Unregistered Customers:

Range Value Of Money Transaction  Tariff or Charges On Transfer
225 - 125BWP 12.00
3126 - 250BWP 16.00
4251 - 500BWP 20.00
5501 - 1000BWP 30.00
8550 - 1000BWP 30.00
91001 - 2000BWP 60.00
102001 - 4000BWP 100.00
114001 - 6000BWP 140.00
126001 - 8000BWP 170.00
138001 - 10000BWP 200.00

Send Money to Registered Recipient on Mascom Myzaka

Number Value Of Transaction  Tariff On Transfer
225 - 10000BWP 5.00

How To Check Myzaka Balance in Botswana?

To check your Mascom MyZaka balance, do the following:

  1. Dial the code *167#.
  2. Select the option corresponding to 'Mascom MyZaka Balance.'
  3. Input your correct mobile money pin and validate.
  4. You will receive a mini statement via SMS notifying you of your Mobile Money or Mascom MyZaka balance.

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Mascom MyZaka Services In Botswana

The primary services operated by Mascom MyZaka in Botswana include the following:

  • Pay Utilities (Water, Electricity, and School Fees.)
  • Buy Prepaid Electricity
  • Send and receive the money within Botswana
  • Pay DSTV subscription
  • Pay Mascom Postpaid bills
  • Purchase Airtime

How to Register For MyZaka Mascom Money in Botswana?

Mascom Subscribers can register for the Myzaka service by doing the following:

  1. Go to a Mascom Service center.
  2. Present your identification document to the Mascom agent.
  3. Your Myzaka account will be created for free.

Download the Mascom MyZaka Mobile Money App For Free

Use the direct links below to download the Myzaka App:

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