10 Killer SEO-Ranking Blogging Tools To Grow A Free Blog 2023

Blogging tools have been known to boost SEO rankings for decades. Incorporating them into your free blog can bring enormous benefits as this can increase your overall site traffic.

So, Are You a new Blogger?

And Searching for free blogging tools that will grow your blog.

Then you land precisely in the right place.

Blogging is not only about writing, but it is an art, and you must learn many things about blogging to become a pro blogger.

Tools alone will not help you and make you a pro blogger, but they will help you become a better blogger.

Tools are generally of two types: Free and Paid.

Many people say to use paid tools. Yeah! You should.

But what if I don't want to?

Are there any solutions?

Yes, there are lots of tools available on the internet, and with those free tools, you can enhance the user experience of your blog and help you become a good blogger.

10 Killer SEO-Ranking Blogging Tools To Grow Your Free Blog

So, in this article, I'm going to share a collection of free blogging tools for Beginners that can help you become better bloggers:

1. Google Keyword Planner

As per its name, Google keyword planner is a keyword research tool for free.
To use this tool first, you need to get an AdWords account.

Then type a keyword related to your topic on the search bar and hit enter. Google returns average monthly search volume results, competition (low, mid, or high), CPC, and related keywords.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the best blogging tools on this list.

Although it's a paid tool, it also comes with a free version that will significantly help you.

You may have heard that content is the King.

You know that content is the King, and if there are spelling or grammar mistakes, your content is useless.

Believe me, Readers hate to read content with grammatical errors.

Grammarly helps you find your grammar mistakes and correct them and also gives you suggestions.

3. Google Analytics

Another Google product that is absolutely free!

It is the most popular tool on my list and is even used by pro bloggers.

Google Analytics is a fantastic visitor tracking tool that gives you accurate information.

You can also see the updated live status of your blog/site.

It is the best google blogger tool for viewing advance details about your blog traffic.

It provides many features such as monitoring visitors' behaviors, traffic source, visitors per day, audience overview, unique visitors, bounce rate, etc., and many more.

4. Canva

Canva is the most used photo editing tool in the world. It is the most popular tool among bloggers.

Being a blogger, you may need to create the thumbnail for your blog, logo, infographics, etc., to make your blog more attractive.

With Canva, you can many types of images. Canva has everything that you need to create your own attractive image.

5. TinyPNG

Now, you may have created an image for a blog post before you publish your blog post.
You need to optimize the image for your blog to load it faster.

With TinyPNG, you just need to drag and drop your image on their webpage, and Panda will do it for you.

TinyPNG allows you to compress up to 20 images in a single drop with a size limit of 5MB per image in its free plan.

6. WMS Everywhere

Being a blogger, you mainly focus on the right keyword to be placed in your blog post.

Therefore, you usually keep searching the related keywords on Google or use some paid tools.

WMS (What' sMySerp) Everywhere is a free chrome extension showing you the search volume, CPC, and keywords you search for on Google.

7. Quora

Quora is a crowdsourced question-answer website that can help you gain more traffic to your blog.
Enter a keyword matching your blog post's topic, start answering some questions, and at least leave a link to your blog. That's it.
And one more pro tip.

Sometimes we run out of content.

But When you use Quora, you'll never run out of content.

To find new content for your blog post, just use the search bar and search for the keyword matching your blog topic/niche, and it will you related questions asked by the people.

In this way, you'll never run out of content.

8. Google Trends

Another free blogging tool that is easy to use and really very helpful.
Google Trends checks for the currently trending topics.

And you can use it on your own by searching the keywords of your choice, and Google will show you the search trends of that keyword.

Google Trends shows a list of popular searches of the day. But it does not give you accurate data.
But it does not mean that it is useless.

You need to be innovative and use the keyword planner tool to get the best results.

9. Google Search Console

Use Google Search Console to check how SEO-friendly your blog is.

With Google Search Console, you can check how your blog appears to search engines in crawl reports, HTML Errors, backlinks, search queries, CTR, etc.

With this tool by Google, you can check each page's performance, keywords impression, average position, organic clicks, etc...

10. GT Metrix

GT Metrix is a free tool that shows page load speed and suggests improving loading time.

You Can use this free blogging tool to analyze your blog speed on mobile and desktop devices.
GT Metrix analyzes using your blog using the data from Google Page Speed Insights and Yslow to give accurate results.


In this article, we have discussed 10 Stunning free blogging tools to instantly grow your blog.

And I am sure that more free tools are available on the internet.

Use the abovementioned tools to grow your blog and increase your website traffic.

So, what are your favorite blogging tools? Do mention it in the comment below.

And if you think there are some more critical free tools you want to suggest to me, comment below.

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