How to Recover a Stolen or Hacked WhatsApp (and Secure It)

It can't be disputed that WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps on earth. The platform owned by Facebook has more than 2 billion users worldwide and offers end-to-end encryption. 

However, because of its popularity, this messaging app is usually targeted by malicious individuals to spread wrong information, and some even try to gain access to your personal account.

How Can Your WhatsApp Account be Hacked or Stolen?

Fraudsters try to trick WhatsApp users into gaining access to their 6-digit verification code, a Time Password (OTP) used by WhatsApp to log in to an account. 

If you knowingly or unknowingly give someone your verification code, it will result in your WhatsApp account being hacked.

Two-step verification saves you from your WhatsApp account being compromised even if someone gets their hands on your personal SIM card or verification code. 

It is a layer of extra security that acts like a password for your WhatsApp account. Nevertheless, if you do not use this privacy feature, your account could get hacked in the unusual event of someone getting your verification code.

Thankfully, since the chats are stored on your phone, the hacker cannot read your old conversations but can use your WhatsApp account for unwanted motives. Thankfully, there is a walk-around to get back or recover your WhatsApp account.

How to recover Your hacked WhatsApp account

To recover your hacked WhatsApp account, you need to log in again to WhatsApp with your phone number. You will receive a 6-digit verification code through SMS that WhatsApp reads and logs you in automatically. The hacker or impostor will automatically log out of your account when you log in.

If the fraudster activates the two-step verification after gaining access to your WhatsApp account, you will be asked to enter that code. In this case, you will be asked to wait 7 days to recover your account. While you wait for account recovery, the hacker can no longer access your account.
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How to Fully Secure Your WhatsApp Account

To save your WhatsApp account from scams, you should never share your activation code or OTP. Moreover, do not forget to activate the two-step verification for a safer experience. Here is how you can do it.

Beware of spammy calls asking you to share your personal information or install individual apps.
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