WhatsApp Restricts Message Forwarding to 1 Chat at a Time

On Tuesday, WhatsApp announced a new feature to stem the flow of wrong information around the coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic. The new feature aims to prevent users from forwarding viral messages to multiple users.

A user can now forward messages to only one chat at a time. The limit will kick in once a notice has been delivered on the platform five times, after which a message can be forwarded to either one WhatsApp group or an individual at a time.
WhatsApp restricts Message forwarding to 1 chat at a time to prevent misinformation amid Covid-19 Crisis

Will this WhatsApp forward limit to messages stay permanently?

The new rule is set to stay permanently even though the feature is being rolled out to stop rumors related to coronavirus through the messaging app. It is worth noting that WhatsApp introduced a similar feature in 2019 that highlighted forwarded messages by adding a distinct "forwarded" tag with two arrows. Furthermore, message forwarding was then curbed to five chats at a time, reportedly resulting in a 25% decrease in global message forwarding on the platform.

It is no secret WhatsApp has been working on other initiatives to fight the spread of fake news around the looming covid-19 crisis. The company recently partnered with organizations like the WHO and UNICEF to create the WhatsApp Coronavirus Information Hub, which provides rich and valid information about fatal diseases.
The forwarding limit is set to roll out in India immediately and could extend to other countries eventually. 
The new feature is an addition to its efforts to arrest the spread of fake news using the platform.

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