150GB For 10000frs and Unlimited Fibre Internet on Camtel

150GB for 10000F/ Unlimited data for 14900F on Camtel Cameroon

Camtel Cameroon has been known for attractive offers in the past and its stable networks, especially in urban areas of the country. 

With massive complaints of poor internet services from the likes of Mtn, Orange, and Nexttel Cameroon, coupled with most guys working from home during the quarantine period, there is no better time than now to switch over to Camtel Cameroon. Without further ado, here are the offers:

150GB for 10000frs

The offer of 150Gb is recommended as its speed is not throttled, and you do not have any daily restrictions on the amount of data you are entitled to (for example, 3GB a day, which is something I find particularly annoying). 

Camtel Cameroon recently launched this offer to cater to its loyal clients as they work or have to stay at home for long hours and will, therefore, require more data usage. This offer is valid for 30 days.

Camtel Cameroon 150gb offre 4g internet

Unlimited data for 14900Frs

This is achievable via Camtel's exclusive MBOA Fibre option. It promises up to 05 times the average speed of a 4G connection in Cameroon and comes without installation fees or subscription fees. 

The base option is 14900 Frs, which offers unlimited data at 4Mbps bandwidth, which is fair enough for downloads on a personal or small household scale. 

For 24900Frs, you get double the speed, and at 29000frs, you get triple the speed (12Mbps). The offer also comes with unlimited calls to Camtel numbers. 

Camtel Cameroon Unlimited Internet Offre Mboa

Other Camtel Offers

For people not willing to speed 10000frs and above on the internet per month, these offers are for them:

  1.  For 5000frs, you get 25.5GB per month with a daily quota of 850Mb
  2.  For 2000frs, you get 6GB per month with a daily ratio of 200Mb
Camtel Cameroon offre Internet

How and where do I get a Camtel Sim?

  1. Go to the nearest Camtel Shop in your locality. 
  2. Purchase a Camtel XtremeNet Sim, which usually costs 500frs with a welcome offer of 2Gb

How do I Recharge my Camtel Cameroon Sim Card?

You can Recharge your account :
  1. at the Camtel agency or 
  2. By doing so from the comfort of your home using the DIGIPOS smartphone App. You can learn more about digipos here.

How do I activate the Camtel Bundle?

Head over to the Camtel XtremeNet Website to log in and activate your desired bundle.

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