How to Check MTN MoMo Point of Sale (Agent Locator)

Mtn Mobile Money has changed the money transfer game in Africa and in Cameroon as a whole. It is now easy to perform Transactions from the comfort of your house using this means of transfer. Apps such as Digipos and Smobilpay have played a vital role in simplifying the process.

Why was the idea of Mtn MoMo Point of Sale Conceived

However, there remains a hurdle; people might be new in Cameroon's particular region and would like to know where they can perform secure MoMo Transactions. This is the basis for the conception of Mtn MoMo Points of Sale (POS).

How to know your closest Mtn MoMo Point of Sale in your Locality

  1. Make Sure you recognize the locality or place you are currently at. You can use Google Maps to do so if you are not sure.
  2. Head over to the Mtn MoMo Point Of Sale Page to get the list of available vendors in your area.
  3. Filter the list of POS by typing the name of the locality. You can do so by tapping CTRL + F and typing the name into the search box.
  4. This will show you the names of people, their full identification details, and their location. You can use this information to know which Point of Sale is closest to you.

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