Cost and How to Make a New Birth Certificate in Cameroon

Recent figures from the National Civil Status Office show that 1.5 million pupils in Cameroon enrolled in nursery and primary schools do not have birth certificates. 

This raises the question of why children do not have birth certificates. Especially as there are procedures in Cameroon for obtaining the document.

What is a Birth Certificate?

The birth certificate is one of the most critical documents in a person's life. The document identifies the child by his legal name, establishing his citizenship and filiation, that is, his belonging to his family.

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How to Obtain a New Birth Certificate in Cameroon?

  • In Cameroon, the birth certificate is drawn up when the birth is declared, which means that for the child to have a birth certificate, it is necessary to have the presence of a person who attended the delivery, which is more often the father.
  • The declaration is made at the town hall of the place of birth or directly at the hospital if the structure ensures the permanence of the civil status officer within its maternity service.
  • When declaring the birth, he must provide himself with the parents' identity documents and the birth certificate established by the doctor.
  • Once the birth of the child has been declared, his birth certificate must be drawn up immediately.

Diligence or Patience is required in the Process of Getting a Birth Certificate.

The Cameroonian legislator gives a full 90 days from birth to establish the document. After this time, he will follow a particular procedure.

 An original copy of the birth certificate is then drawn and given to the parents so they can carry out specific administrative procedures.

A strain will be kept at the town hall where the act has been established, another at the regional civil status center level, and the last at the national level. This means that in the event of loss, theft, or damage, the person concerned can go to one of the three points mentioned to have another birth certificate drawn up with the exact details as the previous one.

What is the Cost of Obtaining a New Birth Certificate in Cameroon?

The cost of establishing a new birth certificate ranges from 5000 XAF to 10,000 XAF. Some regions in Cameroon occasionally produce birth certificates for free.

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