Salary of a State Registered Nurse in Cameroon 2024

 You may be interested in knowing the salary of a nurse in Cameroon. Below are their salaries and allowances that they earn monthly and annually.

Nurses are the most extensive professional personnel employed in health facilities. They offer essential services to patients in the amenities. The nurse payslip in Cameroon varies depending on the scope of practice and specialization.

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What is the Salary of a Nurse in Cameroon?

On average, nurses' salaries in Cameroon can range from as low as 40,000 XAF for the less specialized nurses to as high as 250,000 for highly specialized nurses, which is the basic salary of a nurse.

ICU Nurse Salary In Cameroon

An Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is a critical area in the hospital and is a matter of life and death. Only highly experienced nurses work here. Most nurses in this category work in the Douala General Hospital and Yaounde Central Hospital.

As a result, ICU nurse salary is high and is about. 300,000 FCFA per month.

This includes all allowances such as housing, and transport, among other benefits.

Diploma and HND Nurse's Salary In Cameroon

These are nurses who are diploma holders who pursued the nursing course within two years.

HND nurses from Cameroon and five years of progressive work earn more than 150,000 XAF per month.

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Salary of a State Registered Nurse in Cameroon

State Registered Nurses (SRN) earns an average salary of 120,000 XAF per month in Cameroon. Nurses employed by the Cameroonian government as civil servants can make more due to duty post allowances.

Cameroon Community Health Nurse Salary

Community health nurses are paid based on education level, experience, work setting, and geographical location.

Cameroon registered community health nurse's salary at the entry-level is 50,000 XAF, mid-level is 70,000 XAF, while the Senior class is 110,000 XAF per month.

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Nurses' Allowance In Cameroon

Allowances are the money given to workers to cater for their expenses.

Some of the allowances nurses benefit from include:

  • House allowances of 7500 XAF to 15,000 XAF.
  • Health risk allowance varies per employer from 0 XAF to 25,000 XAF monthly.
  • Uniform allowance of 10,000 XAF annually,


Now you have a better idea of the salary of a nurse in Cameroon per month. Nursing is a promising career and a high-paying job in Cameroon. Enroll today in universities and nursing schools in Cameroon and pursue nursing as your course of choice.

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