Allowances and Salary Of a Football Referee in Cameroon

 This guide discusses the salary of a football referee in Cameroon and the challenges referees face.

Unlike France, where a Ligue 1 referee receives nearly 1,679,000 FCFA per officiated match and 120,000 FCFA in Côte d'Ivoire, in Cameroon, elite referees receive between 35,000 XAF and 45,000 FCFA per game. A sum that is still not permanent.

What is the Salary of a Football Referee in Cameroon?

Three categories are listed in the sector related to football refereeing in Cameroon. Those at the regional level, those of the Elite two and the Elite one. Remuneration also depends on these characteristics:

  • Those of the Regions receive 2500 FCFA per match
  • The referees of the Elite Two earn 35000 FCFA 
  • Referees of Elite One earn 40000 FCFA. 

Challenges Faced By Referees in Cameroon

A pay situation that is still not permanent and which pushed the men in black, under the initiative of one of their best standard-bearers, Alioum Sidi, to create the Mutual Union of Cameroonian Football referees (Mucaf). An entity that arises from an observation. "The absence of a real status and even less of a real consideration with the governing bodies of national football, absence of insurance, abandonment of retirement and wages," reveal the referees.

Mutual Union of Cameroonian Football referees (Mucaf)

Reached by telephone, Simon Mbeleck, the president of Mucaf, specifies: "The mutual insurance company is a tool at the service of referees. When a referee dies or is simply ill today in Cameroon, he and his family are left to fend for themselves; we must put an end to this form of injustice". On the origin of Mucaf funds, the president admits that: "these are the registrations and contributions of members and members on the one hand. 

The Referee Situation in Other Countries Versus Cameroon

On the other hand, partnerships with companies that support the movement under the control of the Federation and the league". However, in Côte d'Ivoire, the situation is better. A precise scale is defined by the Ivorian Football Federation (FIF). Thus, for Ligue 1 matches, each referee is paid 120,000 FCFA.

Additionally, they benefit from a bonus of 15,000 FCFA for federals and 30,000 FCFA for internationals. A little further, football allowances and salaries are even more substantial in France. If the referee is considered self-employed, he still receives a monthly allowance. Thus, each French Ligue 1 referee receives 1,679,000 FCFA per match for those of the Elite centers, to take only this example, while each month they pocket 1,900,000 FCFA.

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