Salaries of Senators in Cameroon 2024 (Bonus/Wages)

This article enumerates the salaries of senators in Cameroon. A senator is a person who works in the government.

The Senate was created in 1996 after an amendment to the constitution created the upper chamber. Nevertheless, the power to convene the Electoral College and call elections for the Senate remained with the President. 

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Salaries of Senators in Cameroon (Bonus/Wages)

The salary and bonuses of each senator in Cameroon are as follows:

  • At the beginning of the legislature, each senator receives mandate fees (comparable to representation fees) of up to 10 million CFA francs. This amount rises to 50 million XAF for members of the executive bureau of the National Assembly. 
  • The monthly salary of a senator in Cameroon amounts to 850,000 F CFA
  • As for the chamber, the President's mandate costs reach 60 million CFA francs for five years. 
  • The State also pays the President of the Senate a bonus of 1.2 million CFA francs at each parliamentary session.

Electoral System of Cameroon

The Senate has 100 seats, of which 70 are elected, and 30 are appointed by the President. Each region of Cameroon has 10 Senators. The elected seats are elected by the 10,636 members of the 360 municipal councils.

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