New HND Program in Cameroon 2024: Higher National Diploma Courses

HND courses or new HND programs in Cameroon are undertaken by students who have sat and passed the GCE Advanced level examination. The HND program covers various disciplines or fields of study.

What is HND? (Higher National Diploma)

The Higher National Diploma (HND) program is a two-year vocational university course. 

The program is designed to teach the skills and knowledge required for employment. It enables prospective high school leavers to gain a recognized qualification or get a high-paying job. 

The HND courses focus on learning by action. Candidates write an exam after the official HND timetable is released.

What is the origin of HND Courses?

The HND originates from the United Kingdom (UK). The courses have long been adopted by every Commonwealth nation. The curriculum was introduced in Cameroon in 2002.

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New HND Programs in Cameroon: Higher National Diploma Courses

The Higher National Diploma is available in a wide range of subject areas or courses. Fifty-three (53) courses exist in Cameroon as follows:

  1. Accountancy 
  2. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 
  3. Accounting and Finance
  4. Agricultural Production Technology
  5. Agro-Pastoral adviser
  6. Agro-Pastoral Entrepreneurship
  7. Assistant Manager 2
  8. Bakery and Food Processing
  9. Banking and Finance
  10. Building Science and Technology
  11. Civil Engineering Technology
  12. Chemical Manufacturing
  13. Crop Production Technology
  14. Computer Science and Networks
  15. Computer Science and Networks 2
  16. Corporate Communication
  17. Computer Graphics and Web Design
  18. Database Management
  19. Didactics, Curriculum Development, and Teaching
  20. E-Commerce and Digital Marketing
  21. Electrotechnics
  22. Electrical Power Systems
  23. Fashion Clothing and Textiles
  24. Health Care Management
  25. Human Resource Management
  26. Hardware Maintenance
  27. Hotel Management and Catering
  28. Insurance
  29. Joinery and Cabinetmaking
  30. Journalism
  31. Legal Assistant
  32. Logistics and Transport Management
  33. Mechanical Manufacturing 
  34. Midwifery 
  35. Medical Imaging Technology
  36. Medical Laboratory Sciences
  37. Management of Non-Governmental Organization
  38. Marketing-Trade-Sale
  39. Nutrition and Dietetics
  40. Nursing
  41. Network and Security
  42. Physiotherapy
  43. Petroleum Logistics
  44. Project Management
  45. Petroleum System and Exploitation
  46. Port Shipping Management 
  47. Quality Management
  48. Quarries Operations
  49. Road and Civil Engineering
  50. Software Engineering
  51. Tourism and Travel Agency Management
  52. Telecommunication
  53. Urban Planning.

Download the New HND Courses in Cameroon - Harmonized Format

Access the detailed PDF that shows the new HND harmonized Structure in Cameroon and HND Syllabus through this link.

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