How to Become a Registered Nurse in Cameroon: The Challenges

 Becoming a State Registered Nurse in Cameroon is a dream of many students.

Cameroon is a West African country with a population of over 25 million. Its tropical climate makes agriculture one of the leading industries; however, staying healthy within this tropical climate is no easy task. Sunny, hot, and humid days bring challenges; green mold swiftly covers surfaces, bacteria rapidly multiply, and malaria-carrying mosquitos abound.

Even those with the finest immune systems need to be wary.

Health Service in Cameroon

Illness is the most significant cause of poverty, bringing the double burden of a family member unable to earn money and requiring expensive healthcare. With more than 50% of Cameroonians living below the poverty line, illness cannot be afforded. Although the Cameroonian government funds some primary healthcare, no national health service exists.

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Many Cameroonians wish to be nurses, though. Nursing degree programs are professional-school-based or university-based and partly government funded. Nurse education is also offered at government and private nursing schools. At these institutions, students pay the total tuition costs, so it is not unusual for a family to sell land to pay for studies.

The Dilemma of Traditional Medicine in Cameroon

In a country with a history of traditional medicine, the local hospital may not be the first place you visit when you are sick. Traditional doctors offer cures for major and minor ailments. Then there are the accepted treatments for chronic illnesses, such as holding the head of someone having a seizure over a pit latrine (open toilet). 

Returning to the issue of curses - the potential consequence of not respecting dead ancestors, upsetting a neighbor, or outwitting a rival in work or love - can be deadly. 

Nevertheless, the essence of nursing is unchanged whether you are in Cameroon or elsewhere. 

Nursing in Cameroon is an enticing and eclectic mix of many things a nurse meets daily. But, just when all appears routine, there is the need to appease the ancestors, curses, and the power of prayer.

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How to Become a Registered Nurse in Cameroon?

To become a State Registered Nurse in Cameroon, one must fulfill the following:

  1. Be of Cameroonian nationality
  2. Obtain an Ordinary Level certificate or Advanced Level certificate. A pass in science subjects is a plus but not mandatory.
  3. Hold a Diploma of Nursing, HND, or BSc from a government or private nursing institution or any other qualification recognized by the state to practice.
  4. Enroll in the nursing board of Cameroon
  5. Follow the rules regulating the exercise of nurse, Midwife, and Health Medical Technician professions in Cameroon.

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If you decide to study nursing and be a state registered nurse in Cameroon, expect the unexpected, and you will not be disappointed.

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