How to Become a Pastor in Cameroon (Pastor School/Ministry)

This article discusses the step-by-step process of becoming a pastor in Cameroon to preach the gospel to people or Church members.

By becoming a pastor, you do not have to possess any educational certificate, i.e., you must not hold a degree. You can become a minister if you are determined and have a spiritual focus. Being a Pastor, people must be led by your practice. You shouldn’t behave antisocially like other people.

Being a Pastor, there are spiritual possessions you have to get. You don’t have to be rich to become a Pastor. Here, we will list and intensely discuss all direct and indirect things to possess or own to becoming a Pastor.

How to Become a Pastor in Cameroon?

To become a pastor or minister in Cameroon, one must have the following attributes below:

1. Have a Leadership mind

One step to becoming a Pastor has the mind to lead people. You have to show people how they should or create what they should. Being a Pastor, all your Church’s members will rely on you.

If you want to become here in Cameroon, you have to first have a leadership mind. Go out to learn how to develop a leadership mind before you come back. If you don’t can’t lead people, then don’t start pastoring yet.

2. Have an Ability to teach People

As a Pastor, you have to get the ability to teach your Church’s members the excellent and bad things they should do and avoid, respectively. As a Pastor, you must learn how to preach, teach or encourage people.

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3. Ability to Fast

To be a Pastor in Cameroon, you must have the ability to fast. You can fast for three days, 2 two days, or even twenty-four hours (one day). Fasting kills evil spirits in you while it awakens a robust positive spirit.

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4. Study and Obtain a degree in Ministry, Chaplaincy, Theology, or Divinity.

Becoming a Pastor in Cameroon does not require one to study a specific course. You can study any course of your choice and can become a pastor. However, a degree in Ministry is an additional advantage; it will rapidly boost your career. Here, don’t be confused.

5. Must be Selfless

Before becoming a pastor, you should be able to consider the feelings of others; empathy simply means putting yourself in other people’s situations. This would help you relate well and help the congregation when in need.

Always show your selflessness and help your Church members with what you can do for them.

6. Must Know God

You must know the existence of God and the holy spirit. If you planning to become a Pastor, you should not believe in the presence of other gods except the God in heaven that created everything.

7. Lead with practice

Lead your Church members and other people around you with examples. Do not preach only without practicing the way you preach. If you preach to people the reward of doing good deeds, you should do good deeds for people first.

To have reward from God and let people value your Ministry, don’t forget to do what you preach as good to be doing. 

8. Must be an Honest Person

To become a successful Pastor in Cameroon, you have to be honest. Don’t say for any reason. Let people believe whatever you say. Do not go to any third party to request extraordinary power.

9. Should be a Truthful Person

Once you say you want to become a Pastor, another thing to keep in mind is always be truthful. Telling the truth has the most considerable advantages: it makes your followers trust you.


Becoming a Pastor in Cameroon might seem a daunting task. A committed individual can become a famous minister of God with the right goals and ambitions.

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