How to Get an ENEO Electricity Meter Online (Prepaid/Postpaid)

 To access electricity in Cameroon, an individual or company must get a meter and subscribe to the different ENEO electricity packages. 

This comprehensive guide enumerates the requirements, steps, and costs of getting an ENEO electricity meter in Cameroon.

Requirements for Getting an ENEO Meter

  • A Location plan
  • A Customer identification document. E.g., Cameroon National ID or Passport.
  • A Connection or subscription request form is available at the ENEO agency or online.

How to Get an ENEO Electricity Meter Online? (Prepaid/Postpaid)

To obtain an electricity meter in Cameroon, do the following:

  1. Present your National ID or Passport at the nearest ENEO agency. You can also fill in your National ID number online.
  2. Produce a valid location plan.
  3. Next, fill out the connection or electricity subscription form at the agency/branch or online to apply and get your ENEO electricity meter.

How long Does it Take to Obtain an Electricity Meter?

  • It takes approximately five to fifteen days to obtain an electricity meter. 
  • The deadline for installing meters on existing connections after payment of advances on consumption is three to five days. 
  • For underground connections, the deadlines are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

What is the price of an ENEO Electricity Meter in Cameroon? (Prepaid or Postpaid Meter)

The minimum cost of an electricity meter in Cameroon is 20350 FCFA. The table below describes the various fees associated with getting an ENEO meter:

Social Standard Supplementary Panel: For Homes (Single-phase)20350
Premier Standard A and B Supplementary Panel (Single-phase)27279
Standard Social Equipment (Single-phase)29559
Second Standard Panel A and B (Three-phase)42309
First Standard A and B Equipment (Single-phase)47934
Second Standard A and B Equipment (Three-phase)88973

NB: The total price of the connection may vary depending on the distance between the network and the delivery point (cable and additional pole).

Cost of Installing Home Electricity in Cameroon

The table below summarises the cost of installing electricity in an average home in Cameroon:
 Type of SubscriptionOld PriceNew Price
5A Subscription9,000 FCFA 5,300 FCFA
10A Subscription19,565 FCFA9,290 FCFA 

NB: Connection and Subscription requests are already operational through the MyEasyLight online agency.

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