Eneo Cameroon Tariff For Prepaid Meters: Cost of Electricity Per KWH

 This article will show you the prices and different tariffs of the Eneo prepaid meter in KWH and the various packages.

What is ENEO Prepaid?

In ENEO prepaid subscription package, the pricing cycle is monthly. It runs from the first day to the last day of the month and resumes at the same rate as the previous month when a new month begins. 

The prepaid customer's pricing will depend on their installation, which determines his customer category (single-phase or three-phase, residential or business, and the installed power) and the kWh accumulated in the same month when he recharges.

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For example, let's assume you are a family customer because you have a single-phase meter with power consumption less than or equal to 15 Amperes.

Let's also assume you are at the beginning of the month, and your customer account has no debt linked to the previous postpaid month. If you make an ENEO electricity recharge of 5,000 FCFA, you will receive 100kWh at 50 Fcfa. 

What is the Cost of Electricity in Cameroon? (Price per KWh)

From 1 KWh to 150kWh, the cost of electricity per unit in Cameroon is 50Fcfa. It corresponds to the first tariff plan. 

In this electricity plan, you can only purchase a maximum of 50kWh. From 151kWh, you pay the unit cost corresponding to the second tariff plan (151 to 220kWh). You can again buy the first 150 kWh at 50Fcfa per unit from the 1st of the following month. From 221 kWh, it will be tariff 3 until the end of the cycle.

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Eneo Prepaid Meter KWH Price and Payment Plans PDF.

There are price differences between prepaid and postpaid electricity plans. Differences are related to customer segments that exist between the two modes. These segments depend on the nature of the customer, the type of connection, and the subscribed power.

The different electricity prices in Cameroon are described in the table below:

ENEO Electricity PlanTariff 1Tariff 2Tariff 3
Family or Home 01 kWh — 150 kWh
50 FCFA/kWh
151 kWh — 220 kWh
95 FCFA/kWh
221 kWh and above
50 FCFA/kWh

Amount Payable

Electricity units in KWHDetails of the TariffRecefcived Units of Electricity in KWH 
5000100 kWh x 50 FCFABilled at 50Frs per kWh100 kWh
550050 kWh x 50 FCFA +
32 kWh x 95 FCFA
Plus Tax

After 100KWH, you are now charged 50 FCFA + 32 per kWh (start of Tranche 2) billed at 95 FCFA tax not included.
82 kWh
406338 kWhx 95 FCFA
Plus Tax + 4 kWh x
95 FCFA 19.25%
Here, the remaining 38 kWh remaining in Tranche 2 are first billed at 95 FCFA without tax, and the remaining 4
are billed at 95 FCFA + tax 
42 kWh
589052 kWh x 95 FCFA +
Here, all KWH are billed at 95 FCFA +
52 kWh

  • Download the different ENEO tariffs in PDF using this link.

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