Google AdSense Now Allows Auto AMP Anchor Ads/Sticky Ads

 Based on feedback from publishers with AMP sites, the Google AdSense team has updated Auto ads for AMP to support AMP anchor or sticky ads. These AMP sticky ads work on all Blogger and WordPress websites.

Nevertheless, If you prefer not to show anchor ads on your AMP site, you can turn this option off using the simple controls on the “Auto ads for AMP” page.

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What does AMP Anchor or Sticky Ads mean for Google AdSense Publishers?

From April 11th, 2022, if an Adsense publisher is using Auto ads for AMP, anchor ads will start to appear on their sites.

Publishers may see an increase in your AMP revenue.

The change will apply to all sites with Auto ads for AMP-enabled in an AdSense account.

What to Enable AMP Anchor Ads or AMP Sticky Ads on Google AdSense?

  • There is no action required from you for this change to affect your sites.
  • See how your AMP anchor ads are performing in this report in your account.

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