How to Enable Multiplex Ads on AdSense 2024 (Setup/Implement)

Google AdSense recently replaced the old Matched Content Ads with Multiplex Ads.

In past years, Google has ramped up the AdSense ad formats to increase the revenue for publishers. Though many people think AdSense ads are of low quality compared to AdX ad exchange, it is no more the case. 

Multiplex ads format is the latest addition to AdSense auto ads. You can enable auto ads and use anchor, vignette, and in-page ads. This article will explain how to create or set up multiplex ads in the AdSense account and set them up correctly.

Transition From Matched Content Ads to Multiplex Ads

Multiplex ads are not entirely new; they modify previously known matched content ad units. A few years back, Google AdSense entered into the content discovery area by introducing matched content ads. It looked below, showing blocks mixed with ads and related articles from your site.

Multiplex Ad Format

You can enable multiplex ads either as an ad unit or part of the AdSense auto ads setup. Multiplex ads look similar to matched content ads, containing multiple ads in a single block. However, no content will be included from your site, and all blocks will be of individual ad units.

How to Set Up or Enable Multiplex Ads on AdSense? (Old Matched Content)

Note that Multiplex Ads are available for all Adsense publishers. To set up to create this new Ad format, do the following:

  1. Login to your AdSense account and navigate the "Ads > Overview" section. Go to the "By ad unit" section to view all ad formats available for you. 
  2. Click on "Multiple ads," which is part of native AdSense ads. You will see the preview of multiplex ads with a few customization options on the next screen. We recommend using this way to place the code exactly below the content or on the sidebar manually.

  3. Preview and Customize Multiplex Ads in AdSense.

  4. Name of your ad unit – enter a name for your multiple ads
  5. Toggle the horizontal and vertical preview to check what the format will look like. The vertical format will look below, aligning nicely on mobile devices or your sidebar area.
  6. Select the "Responsive" option for "Ad size." This will help you adjust the ad width and height per your site's container size. If you are only planning to show multiplex ads in the sidebar, you can choose a fixed ad size as the sidebar container size will not change on desktop and mobile devices.
  7. Under the "Ad style" section, you can select the font, text color, and background for your ad. You can leave all these options to create an ad with the default style.
  8. Click on the "Create" button to generate code for your ad unit. Copy the snippet under the "HTML" tab when you see the ad code. You can insert this code on your pages similar to any other ad unit and show multiplex ads. Multiplex ad is an AMP-compatible ad unit, and hence you will see the ad code for HTML and AMP pages. If you want to insert multiplex ads on AMP pages, make sure to copy the code under the "AMP" tab and insert it on your site.

How to Create Multiplex Ads from Auto Ads in AdSense?

  • When you are in the "Ads > Overview" section, go to the "By site" tab and click on the site where you want to enable multiplex ads. 

  • This will open the auto ads setup screen and allow the "Multiplex ads" option under the "Ad formats" section.


  • Ads will show below the footer with very low visibility.   
  • The best option is to find a suitable placement area on your layout and manually place the multiplex ads code.

FAQs on Multiplex Ads

1. How can I implement or create multiplex ads in AdSense?

You have two options – create a native ad unit and place the ad code manually or enable multiplex ads in auto ads to automatically show it on your site.

2. I am already using matched content ads; what will happen?

Matched content ads will automatically display multiplex ads from March 2022, which you need not change. If you do not like the new format, remove the code from your site or disable it from the auto ads setup.

3. Will Multiplex increase my revenue?

Yes, it will increase revenue as more ads are shown in a single video block in the multiplex ad.


Because of the larger size, Multiplex Ads can increase the click-through rate and the overall revenue. However, enabling auto ads will significantly impact the page speed, which is the trade-off you need to pay for the income.

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