How to Add Medianet AMP and AMP Sticky Ads in Blogger 2023

 AMP is very popular on WordPress, but it is possible to implement it on Blogger. For example, all articles on this website are currently hosted on Blogger and fully compatible with Google AMP. Medianet is the closest competitor to Google AdSense regarding revenue generation on Blogger.

However, it is usually challenging to implement Medianet AMP Ads and AMP Sticky Ads on Blogger. Unlike Google Adsense, which has many tutorials for AMP Ad implementation, most Medianet AMP documentation is for WordPress.

This article will show you how to add Medianet AMP and AMP Sticky Ads on Blogger.

How to Add Medianet AMP and AMP Sticky Ads in Blogger Blogspot?

  1. Go to the Blogger Dashboard and click on Themes.

  2. Go to Edit HTML to open the Template Editor.
  3. Make sure you add the AMP Ad javascript or AMP Sticky Ad Javascript (if you wish to add MediaNet sticky ads) in the header section.

  4. Go to the Medianet Dashboard and create compatible Ad Units or Sticky Ad units that suit your preference.

  5. Paste the following codes in the body of your theme. The first code sample uses AMP Ads, while the second one uses AMP Sticky Ads.

 <amp-ad width="320" height="50"

<amp-sticky-ad layout='nodisplay'>
<amp-ad data-cid='8CUXXXXX' data-crid='44966XXXX' data-tagtype='cm' height='100' type='medianet' width='320'>


  • Data-Cid is your unique Medianet Identifier, while data-grid is your MediaNet ad slot number.
  • Test your AMP to see how the Medianet Ads display on Mobile devices in AMP format on Blogger.

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