Retrieve or Find Your Lost Cameroon National ID Card Number

 A missing or lost Cameroon national ID Card number or identity card is a nightmare. Nowadays, in Cameroon, an ID card is very essential. This gained enormous importance after the unrest in the country.

Furthermore, getting or obtaining a new national ID card in Cameroon is no longer straightforward. It could last a year or more to get one issued to you. If you have already applied for a national identity card, then you can now check it online.

Hence, most people neither have an ID nor the idea of how to get their Cameroon National ID card number.

What is a Cameroon National ID Card Number?

A national ID card number in Cameroon is a unique sixteen-digit identifier number that is assigned to a Cameroonian citizen after he or she applies and obtains an issued ID.

A Sample Cameroon ID card number is as follows: 2018011945820557.

Since obtaining a Cameroonian national identity card is a very stressful and tedious process, it is crucial to preserve this document judiciously. 

Nevertheless, losing your ID card or ID card number is sometimes inevitable. Thus, it is important to understand the step-by-step process of finding your lost ID card online.

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How to Retrieve or Find Your Lost Cameroon National ID Card or Number?

You can get your lost Cameroonian ID card or number using the following ways:

  1. At a nearby police station
  2. By sending a text message to a mobile operator in Cameroon
  3. By checking on On Social Media

1. At a nearby police station

If your Id card is missing, the first way to get it is to check at the closest police station in your locality.

In the event, you forgot it at public places such as insurance companies, banks, or mobile service centres you may consult the customer service of that company to obtain the lost ID.

2. By Sending a text message to a mobile operator in Cameroon

Perform the following steps to obtain your ID card number from a mobile network operator in Cameroon (MTN, Orange, Camtel, Nexttel):
  • Write a message to the number 8758.
  • Type the word "status" in small characters and send it to 8758.
  • In less than a minute, you will receive an SMS containing your Cameroon National Identification Number.

3. By Checking on Social Media

Though this is an unorthodox method, you can check around in large Cameroon social media groups on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Telegram. If a good samaritan sees your missing or lost ID card and has posted it, you can easily contact the individual or organization to collect the ID.

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