Price and How to Travel From Nigeria to Cameroon: Road/Boat

Traveling from Nigeria to Cameroon or Cameroon to Nigeria remains a routine for most people looking to visit both countries. The means of transport to Cameroon or Nigeria is either by air, car (bus) or by sea (ship or boat).

In May of 2018, the southern border between Cameroon and Nigeria was temporarily closed. This was due to the ongoing security issues in Cameroon between Southern Cameroon (dubbed the secessionists) and the government of Cameroun. Hence, travelers could not travel using local transport such as buses or cars. 

Luckily, the borders have been opened and people can now travel. However, security concerns still remain.

Price and How to Travel from Nigeria to Cameroon By Boat

There a few different routes that are available by boat. The main route and the most reliable vessel goes from Calabar to Tiko in Cameroon. 

This boat tends to leave twice a week from Calabar but there are presently neither scheduled nor guaranteed departure timelines. 

This is because the boats must be filled before departure is certain. To transport or ship a car or vehicle from Nigeria to Cameroon costs $2100 or 1 million XAF. To import a  motorbike, it costs approximately $200 or 100,000 FCFA

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Other travel options to Nigeria are boats that travel to Limbe and Douala. As earlier mentioned, there is no schedule for these boats unless they are fully loaded. These boats are not designed for passengers so it can be a bit of a wild ride, especially in the rainy season. 

The cost for all of these boats is approximately 21000 Naira per person as a foot passenger. The ticket price for people is a fixed amount. However, the vehicle price is dependent on the shipping agent. The vehicle price is negotiable.

Hence, the price to travel by boat from Nigeria to Cameroon is 21000 Naira. Furthermore, the price to travel from Cameroon to Nigeria is approximately 30,000 FCFA.

What is the Travel Experience By Boat from Nigeria to Cameroon and Vice Versa?

The journey to and from Cameroon or Nigeria is fun. Many fishermen and traders ply their trade in traditional boats and you also pass through the waters at night. Be prepared for cold weather. So, it is

When do the boats leave From Nigeria to Cameroon?

  • The boats tend to leave Nigeria for Cameroon anytime from early morning until about 2pm. 
  • The departure time is dependent on the tides but due to security, they will not leave after 2pm. 
  • These boats aim to travel through the night and reach land the following morning. 
  • The Douala seaport in Cameroon is usually closed during low tide so the boats will only enter on the high tide mark.

Traveling to Cameroon from Nigeria: The alternate Route

There is an option with daily departures to Cameroon by boat:

  • Note that it is not the safest option. Here, you have to take the risk to use the so-called ‘flying’ boats. These boats allow you to travel from Oron in Nigeria to Idenau in Cameroon. 
  • It takes approximately 3 to 4 hours and will cost you only 30 dollars or 4000 Naira. To go to Oron you can board a shared boat or canoe from the beach in Calabar. This trip takes about 50 minutes.

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Price and How to Travel from Nigeria to Cameroon By Road (Car or Bus)

To travel from Nigeria to Cameroon by road, do the following:

  • Board a bus or transport vehicle from Lagos to Akwa Ibom. The transport fare is 10000 Naira.
  • When you arrive at Akwa Ibom in Southern Nigeria, take a car to Ekom, a border town near the Cameroonian border.
  • Next, take a car or motorcycle from Ekom to the border. make sure you have your passport and yellow fever card in hand and the sum of 2000 FCFA as some sort of a bribe.
  • Once, you have crossed the southern Cameroon border, take a car from Ekok to either Mamfe or Bamenda. This usually costs 5000 FCFA.
Note: It takes more than eighteen (18) hours to travel by road from Nigeria to Cameroon.

Price and How to Travel from Cameroon to Nigeria By Road (Car or Bus)

To travel from Cameroon to Nigeria by road, do the following:

  1. Board a bus or transportation from Douala or Bamenda to the southern Cameroon border town (Ekok). The transport fare is approximately 5000 XAF to 10000 XAF. 
  2. When you arrive at the border town between Nigeria and Cameroon (Ekok)  trek towards the border. Make sure you have your yellow fever card in hand and the sum of 2000 FCFA as some sort of a bribe.
  3. Once, you have crossed the southern Cameroon border, take a car to Ekom. The bus parks of the agencies which leave for Nigeria are located in Ekom (Lagos or Calabar). 
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