How To Check If Your SIM Is Registered In Nigeria: All Codes 2023

Many Nigerians and foreigners always search for the codes to check if their SIM cards in Nigeria have been registered or the SIM registration status of Glo, MTN, 9Mobile, and Airtel lines. 

Why You Should Check If Your SIM Is Registered In Nigeria?

  • By checking the state of your SIM card registration and the names under which it is registered, you can discover or know if you will update your sim registration details.
  • If you do not do so,  your SIM Card gets blocked by the Network provider or NCC.

How To Check If Your SIM Is Registered In Nigeria: All Codes For Glo, MTN, Airtel and 9Mobile

The codes required to check and confirm or know your phone number SIM registration status are enumerated below:

  1. Globacom: Text REG to 3456 or 746
  2. MTN: Dial 7891# and press OK
  3. Airtel: Dial *746# and press OK
  4. 9Mobile: Dial 200 or 746 and press OK

The Importance Of Registering Your SIM Cards In Nigeria

SIM registration is required to help the Government and the Mobile Network Operators to: 

  • Keep a track record of all GSM subscribers in Nigeria. 
  • Assist law enforcement agencies in tracking down criminals. Make the recovery of lost SIM cards easier. 

How To Update Your SIM Registration Details

If you check the status of your SIM card registration and notice that your sim is not registered or the details are incomplete, do the following:

  1. Walk into a nearby licensed sim registration center
  2. The assigned mobile agent then demands your full name, date of birth, address, mother’s maiden name, passport, and identification documents.
  3. Allow the agent to get a live 4X4 photo of you and your fingerprints.
  4. The agent then updates your SIM registration details.

Note: After registration, confirm the SIM status by dialing the codes mentioned above. 

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