How to Start a Church in Cameroon: Registration Guide

This article illustrates the step-by-step guide to starting a Church in Cameroon. Over the years, philosophers have argued whether God really exists or not.

Many of them in the past have come up with claims to support the maxim that God exists, while many others, on the other hand, have debunked the claims that He does not.

But for the purpose of this piece, I will agree with the school of thought that says He exists. Also, people have had to query what certifies a man of God over time.

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How does one ascertain who has the calling considering the unspeakable and sickening things pastors and priests do nowadays? Is it because of the teachings he has received? Could it be he has been converted over some time?

But the focus of this article will not be to solve this puzzle, as those who have thought more deeply into it have become more bewildered.

Churches are undoubtedly places of worship in Cameroon, so this piece on how to start a church in Cameroon will enlighten us on what we need to do to create a church in Cameroon.

How to Start a Church in Cameroon: Registration Guide

Follow these steps to start and grow a church ministry in Cameroon:

1. Possess the Calling and/or Attend a Pastoral School

Nowadays, many people have a calling in many ways. Some pastors have claimed that Jesus appears to them in their sleep each time they sleep and asks them to go into evangelism.

These claims cannot be verified; this explains why it is pretty tricky to tell who is genuine or not. But make no mistakes about it; for one to be qualified to be a minister of God, there must be a sincere commitment on the person's part to worship God and further His Word.

Some people may not have the calling, but because of their genuine desire to serve God in truth and spirit, they enroll in theological/seminary schools to be trained in what is expected of them as ministers of God.

Therefore, before starting a church in Cameroon, you must have a calling and attend a religious school.

2. Name Your Church and register the Church in Cameroon

For your church to be recognized by Cameroonian laws, you must register it appropriately.

The Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation (MINATD) is mandated with the sole responsibility of registering and publishing the list of all churches and giving them unique names chosen and submitted by their owners.

The name you register your church with is unique to it alone, and nobody is allowed to name after their church that same name under Cameroon law.

Therefore, if you start a church in Cameroon, just register your church. 

3. Go on Evangelism

However, evangelism is the following line of action for starting a church in Cameroon. Go to schools, markets, motor parks, and other public places, and preach about Christ.

After attending a religious school, I will also assume that you have memorized significant verses in the Bible. So, when you get to such places, preach to people about Christ and His second coming.

Remember that the church is not a business venture and should not be seen that way. It is important also to define the kind of preacher you wish to be – soul winner, prosperity, miracle worker, etc.

You have to print leaflets and get people to donate money to your ministry. These donations will enable you to probably afford to pay for an event hall or worship place or use the classroom of your schools in the area for Sunday activities.

4. Generate money for your new church: Get Church Loans and Church Insurance

Apart from tasking your church members to donate to the new church project, you may write books and sell them at a fee to generate money independently to fund your church building project.

The proceeds generated from the books you write about God, Jesus Christ, wealth, success, leadership, love, Christ's teaching, wisdom, etc., will be channeled into the project.

You may also organize crusades in the city's heart to get considerable donations in the form of tithes and seeds to build a place of worship for God.

Furthermore, some money lenders in Cameroon can provide church loans at minimal interest rates to help build church ministry projects. 

You may also obtain business insurance for the organization or church insurance from leading insurance companies in the country.

Moreover, you must know how to use the good verses in the Bible to convince people as to why it is important to donate generously to the church project.

So, to start a church that will attract the right people in Cameroon, you must build a befitting place of worship for God. And this can be achieved by soliciting money from worshippers and the general public to assist in funding the project.

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You may also consider opening a particular bank account for it so that people can credit it no matter where they are in Cameroon. Therefore, if you are considering starting a church in Cameroon, you must generate money to fund your church building project.

5. Start the Church Building Project

This is the last stage of starting a church in Cameroon. When church members see that the money they donate is judiciously channeled into building a church for God, they will be compelled to do even more to contribute to their quota.

Cameroonians are always impelled to do more when they see a straightforward project or justification for why they should give. Yes, they often gove gladly when they see this.

Depending on the capacity of your new church, you should forecast a project that you can complete in the foreseeable future. Get all the architects and engineers to advise you on the best possible project achievable within the confines of your budget.

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In conclusion, starting a church in Cameroon is critical for those who have a genuine spiritual calling and want to create a church in Cameroon.

The importance of churches in Cameroon cannot be overemphasized. This is because churches have helped Cameroon build a better society. 

Churches help make Cameroonians better people by teaching them how to love one another – even non-Christians.

The Cameroonian church has remained critical to the excellent character molding and child upbringing by inculcating good morals.

Also, church leaders advise and rebuke Cameroonian leaders when they enact laws against the interest of the people they are supposed to protect and lead aright.

Finally, before you think of how to start a church in Cameroon, your calling must be real because any church built on falsehood will collapse in no time, literally.

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