Recharge Camtel Cameroon Online: Buy Camtel Credit For Free

Camtel Cameroon users looking to buy Camtel credit online find it difficult to get a secured online platform. Furthermore, recharging your Camtel account or SIM online is a mandatory step before you can activate Camtel internet.

Camtel Cameroon Online Credit Transfer

With the rise in internet access in Cameroon, and cheaper Camtel 4G internet bundles, many Cameroonians have turned towards the Camtel Cameroon X-tremnet network to benefit from faster speeds at lower or cheaper prices.

This step-by-step guide enumerates how to recharge or refill your Camtel SIM online without incurring extra charges. All this occurs in less than five (5) minutes with a moneyback guarantee if the purchased Camtel credit is not received in real-time.

All Camtel airtime transactions or transfers are secured on our website, and no private information can be stolen from our server.

Recharge Camtel Cameroon Online: Buy Camtel Credit For Free

To purchase, buy or recharge Camtel credit online in Cameroon, do the following:

  1. Contact the temogroup Camtel Cameroon airtime service via +237 658661453 on WhatsApp or Telegram.
  2. Provide your Camtel number and the amount you wish to Recharge on Camtel Cameroon (Minimum of 1000 FCFA)
  3. A request for the said transaction will be sent to either your Mtn Mobile Money Account or Orange Money Account.
  4. Confirm the pending transaction by using your Mobile Money Secret Pin.
  5. In less than 5 minutes, your Camtel principal account balance will be refilled or recharged accordingly. No extra fees or charges are demanded from the credit top-up (free).
You can recharge or buy credit using bitcoin in Cameroon by contacting us here.

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