How to Check and Know Your Camtel Number (Code)

Many Camtel Cameroon subscribers often find checking or knowing their Camtel numbers challenging. This can be a significant hurdle if you want to activate your camtel bundle.
With many Cameroonians using these sim cards in modems nowadays, we thought it wise to come up with this tutorial to check the number of your Camtel sim card.

How to Check and Know Your Camtel Number?

  1. Remove the sim card from your 4G-enabled phone or modem.
  2. Take a close look at the numbers printed on the Camtel sim card. 
  3. Write down the 7 last digits of the numbers you see.
  4. Add the number '24' at the beginning of the previous 7 digits above.
  5. Congratulations, that is your Camtel number.

Code to Check Your Camtel Number?

If your Camtel Sim card is in a compatible phone, do the following to check your Camtel number:
  • Dial the USSD code *825*1*3#
  • Press Ok to validate.
  • Your Camtel Number will be displayed.

Note About Checking Your Camtel Number

In some newer SIM Cards, the last nine (9) digits printed on the back of the Sim cards represent the number of your Camtel Sim!

Where to Buy a Camtel Sim Card?

If you are looking for a camtel sim, you can get it from any camtel registered shop in your area or locality. It usually costs 500 Frs CFA and comes with a 2GB welcome pack of free 4G internet.

Requirements to Get a Camtel Sim

Before you go to the Camtel agency, make sure you have the following:

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