How to Activate Camtel Internet Bundle Online (Subscription)

It is now easier to activate Camtel internet bundles online. At first, it was not the case, as many did not know how to do so. Camtel Cameroon owns a significant market share in the telecommunication market in Cameroon. They also provide 4G connectivity to networks like Mtn, Orange, Nexttel, and Yoomee (which actually roams under their system).

Why is Camtel Cameroon a reliable 4G Internet Provider?

Generally speaking, the Camtel network is very stable. It has gained confidence from many Cameroonians who have switched to it for its speed, reliability, and affordability. Moreover, Camtel always has its customers at heart. They usually offer fantastic internet bundles and promotions (such as the 150GB for 10000 Francs CFA). This is something you should try.

You might have already purchased your Camtel Credit or airtime, and you are facing difficulties in activating it for a 4G internet bundle;

How to Buy and Activate Your Camtel Internet Bundle Online?

  1. Make sure you have your Camtel Number and Xtremenet Password for the online platform (You can get this from the nearest Camtel Agency or shop in your locality).
  2. Use your browser and navigate to the address
  3. Type in your Camtel Number, Password, and the Verification Code you see on your screen.
  4. Tap on the Login icon. 
  5. After tapping on login, you will be introduced to a welcome screen.
  6. Now select the offer or internet bundle you wish to subscribe to.
  7. Confirm when prompted to do so.
  8. Congrats! Your internet bundle is now active.

How to buy a Camtel Sim Card in Cameroon

To subscribe to the numerous Camtel Cameroon internet offers, like Myxtremenet or Blue bundles, you must purchase a sim card.

Here is how to buy your Camtel Sim Card:

  1. Go to the nearest Camtel Shop or Agency in your Town or locality. 
  2. Purchase a Camtel XtremeNet Sim (4G or LTE ready) 
  3. Make sure you ask customer service for your password with your Myxtremenet account.

What is the cost of a Camtel Sim Card?

  • A Camtel 4G enabled Sim Card usually costs 500frs with a welcome offer of 2GB free unlimited internet bandwidth.

Ways to recharge airtime on your Camtel Sim Card For Free:

  • Contact DreamPoinTech via WhatsApp or Telegram For Your Instant Credit or Mobile Money Transfer.
  • By Using the DigiPOS Credit and Bill Payment App
  • By Using Smobilpay 
  • At the Camtel Shop or Agency

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