How To Check Camtel Credit and Data Balance Online 2023

 Many Camtel subscribers always find it challenging to track their internet usage by checking their data or airtime balance. This continues to be an issue as many affordable data tariffs on Camtel, such as the 10000frs for 150GB and 9GB for 2000frs, have gained enormous ground.

This article will demonstrate how to check your data balance on Camtel Cameroon and the airtime balance.

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How to Check Internet Data Balance on Camtel Cameroon?

  1. Dial *825*1# or *825#.

  2. A message prompt will be shown on the screen. 
  3. You will then receive an SMS informing you of the details of your internet balance.
  4. Alternatively, dial 124 and follow the voice prompt to get your data balance.

How to Check Airtime Balance on Camtel Cameroon?

  1. Dial *825*1*2#
  2. Select 1, which corresponds to My Account Balance

  3. Your airtime balance will be displayed in the dialogue box.

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