How to Create An Orange Money Account For Free Online

Benefits of subscribing to Orange Money

Opening an Orange Money account or electronic wallet in Cameroon is free of charge. The benefits of having a Mobile Money account are enormous. Some include money transfers, credit transfers, and bill payments.

Requirements For Creating an Orange Money Account

 All you need are the following: 

  1. A duly registered and valid Orange Mobile number.
  2. A Valid National Identity Card or Cameroonian Passport.

Note that You can only have one Orange Money account created, even if you have multiple Orange telephone numbers.

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How to Create an Orange Money account?

To open your Orange Money account in Cameroon, follow these steps below:

  1. Visit a nearby Orange Money authorized distributor or licensed Orange shop in your locality.
  2. Provide your identification documents (National ID, passport/ ID attestation, or driver's license) and fill out the designated subscription form. 
  3. The agent assigned to you will immediately activate your Orange Money account, and you can start carrying out transactions directly.


For minors (less than years), a legal guardian must be present with his/her identification documents is required.

You may sign up for an Orange Money account online using the Orange Money code #150#.

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How to know if your Orange Money account is active

  • After a successful subscription, you will receive an SMS confirming activating your new account or e-wallet. 
  • The code 0000 is the secret code of your Orange Money account by default. 
  • You will be required to modify this secret code with a personal code of 4 digits.

How to Protect Your Orange Money account?

Your Orange Money account is protected by a secret code. As described above, you must change this code before using the first account. For more about how to reset or change your Orange Money Pin Code or password, check here.

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