How To Create and Reset Your Mtn Me2U Pin Code

What is MTN Me2U

MTN Me2U is an add-on service that provides MTN Cameroon subscribers a safe and reliable way of remotely transferring airtime to any MTN subscriber without incurring high registration costs or transfer fees.

It has largely been replaced by Mtn Mobile Money.

How to transfer credit using Mtn Me2U?

To perform a credit transfer, dial *150* amount to be transferred* Mtn phone number * Your Me2U Code #

How to Create a Me2U code

  • Dial *150*9999* the 4-digit Me2U code you wish to create #.

What is the Default MTN Me2U Code?

The Default Me2U Code on MTN is 0000.

How to Change MTN Me2U Code

  • Dial *150*Old Pin Code*New Pin code #.

What to do if you have forgotten your Me2U code?

If you have forgotten your Me2U code, you have to reset the code and create a new one.

How to Reset an Mtn Me2U code?

  1. Write down your Mtn Number that needs a Me2U code reset.
  2. Also, have your ID Card with you for identification purposes.
  3. Next, contact the Mtn customer service via Whatsapp, Facebook, or directly via 8787.
  4. Your Me2U code will be reset by the assigned Mtn agent.

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