How to Unblock MTN Me2U Account: Deactivate When Forgotten

 Unblocking an MTN Me2U account is required when the previously used PIN code has been forgotten by the MTN subscriber.

This article describes how to unblock and deactivate an MTN Me2U code on an MTN SIM. Users of MTN in Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, etc., usually face this problem.

 How to Unblock an MTN Me2U Account?

To unblock your MTN Me2U account without going to the MTN service center, do the following:

  1. Dial 8787 from your mobile phone (or the applicable MTN service number in your region)
  2. Select the number that corresponds to 'MTN Me2u queries' or 'MTN Me2U reset inquiries'
  3. When prompted, insert your correct MTN PUK number.
  4. Press OK to unblock your MTN Me2U account for free from the comfort of your home.

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