How To Get Your MTN PUK Code In Four Simple Ways

 What is a PUK Code

A PUK code is an abbreviation for "Personal Unlock Key." It is a unique code linked to your mobile phone's SIM card and is usually eight digits long. 

A PUK code is required if you have set a SIM Card lock and entered the wrong passcode three times.

The PUK code is a crucial piece of information. Hence, before sending it to you, an Mtn agent verifies that the requester is the phone number owner.

How to Get Your MTN PUK Code?

They are four ways to get your PUK code from MTN. You do not need to go to a nearby licensed MTN office to get this done. Below are the four different ways of getting your PUK code for free:

  1. By calling Mtn through 8787 (Customer care) 
  2. By Contacting Mtn on Facebook
  3. By Contacting Mtn on Twitter
  4. By Contacting Mtn on Whatsapp via 683008787 

Information Required To Provide Your PUK Code or Number

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