How To Withdraw Orange Money From an ATM (7 Steps)

 Withdrawing Cash from Orange Money via an ATM or Automated Teller Machine is now possible in Cameroon and abroad. You do not need to use a Visa Card or MasterCard.

This comes at a time where Mobile Money in Cameroon is evolving.

Advantages of Withdrawing Orange Money From an ATM

  • The art of withdrawing money from an ATM eliminates the need for a Point of Sale.
  • Instant availability to money or physical cash 24/7 as no Orange Money agent is required.
  • Eliminates the possibility of conmen scamming you of your hard-earned money.
  • Orange Money Charges Apply, so no hidden fees.
  • All you require is a valid Orange Money Account.
  • You are sure the bank notes are authentic, and the amount withdrawn corresponds to the amount demanded.

How To Withdraw Orange Money From an ATM (7 Steps)

With Orange Money, it is possible to withdraw money from an ATM nationally (Cameroon) and internationally (abroad) without a card:

  1. Dial #150# and Press Ok
  2. Select 7 For Bank and Orange Money Visa Operations and press Ok
  3. Select 4 For GIMAC Banking Operations and press Ok
  4. Select 1 For Cardless Withdrawal
  5. Choose 1 to 'Withdraw Money Nationally without a card' or 2 to 'Withdraw money internationally without a card.'
  6. Choose 1 For 'Self Cash Withdrawal from the ATM' or 2 For 'Cash Withdrawal by another party.
  7. Fill in the amount you wish to withdraw. The minimum amount is 5000 FCFA
  8. Enter your Orange Money Pin Code to confirm the withdrawal request.
  9. Your request will be processed, and your money paid out by the ATM machine nationwide or abroad.


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