How To Get a Visa Card or MasterCard In Cameroon (Fast)

 Getting a cheap Visa Card or Mastercard is one of the questions among Cameroonian workers, students, and freelancers. 

In the 21st century, debit or prepaid cards are the most secure and convenient way to make online purchases and carry cash around without the need for bulky suitcases.

Getting a Visa Card or Mastercard in Cameroon is now simple as you can get one in the form of a prepaid card, unlike debit cards, which must be linked to a current or savings bank account. 

The fact that the Visa or MasterCard is not linked to your bank account helps the event hackers or unscrupulous individuals gain access to your Card, especially during online purchases.

Visa Cards like the Orange Money Visa Card) and Mastercards are usable in all Automated teller Machines in Cameroon, making it convenient.

Requirements For Getting a Visa Card or Mastercard in Cameroon

How to Get a Visa Card or Mastercard in Cameroon

  1. Go to the desired bank of your choice.
  2. Present your valid documents as stipulated above
  3. The bank agent assigned to your case will arrange for your Visa Card or MasterCard.

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Types of Visa Cards and Master Cards in Cameroon

The types of visa and Mastercard that exists in Cameroon include the following:

  1. UBA Prepaid Visa card (UBA AfriCard)
  2. UBA Mastercard
  3. Ecobank Xpress Visa Card
  4. Afriland First Bank Visa and Mastercard
  5. Banque Atlantique Travellers card (MasterCard)
  6. Orange Money Visa card

Let’s elaborate on the above Visa and Master cards:

1. UBA Prepaid Visa card (UBA Africard): 

UBA Africard is a popular reloadable Visa card in Cameroon, which is issued by the UBA Cameroon. UBA Africard is Cameroon's most common prepaid Card because of its affordability but offers lots of benefits.

Advantages of the UBA Prepaid Visa Card (UBA Africard)

  • You don’t need to own a UBA bank account with UBA to be issued a UBA prepaid card. 
  • UBA Prepaid card is issued instantly.
  • UBA Visa card has a two years validity period. 
  • UBA Visa cardholders can check their card balance online
  • UBA does not charge for card maintenance fee.
  • All Visa points accept Card around the globe.
  • Cardholders receive SMS alerts for every transaction carried out with the Card.
  • UBA bank account owners can transfer money from their bank accounts to the UBA prepaid Visa card.
  • All online shops, including PayPal, accept UBA Africard. This functionality makes online shopping easy.
  • UBA has good customer service.

Disadvantages of the UBA Prepaid Visa Card (UBA Africard)

  • UBA charges Card reload fee. Whenever you deposit money into your Card, you are charged 500fCFA as a card load fee.
  • The Monthly withdrawal and payment limit of a UBA prepaid card is 500,000frs. 

2. UBA Mastercard: 

This Mastercard is only available to UBA customers that have a valid bank account. The debit card is linked to their accounts.  The five-year validity period is quite impressive.

3. Ecobank Visa CashXpress Card:

Ecobank Visa CashXpress Card is an outstanding prepaid card for workers and students.

Advantages of Ecobank Visa CashXpress Prepaid Card

  • The Card has pin-protected chip technology for enhanced security.
  • You can check the amount of money in your Ecobank Visa CashXpress Card on the web or Ecobank app.
  • SMS transaction alerts
  • Ecobank Card to Card cash transfer

Disadvantages of Ecobank Visa CashXpress Prepaid Card

  • Charge of 1000F for every online purchase made via Card
  • Cost of 596 Frs for Every Card Load

4. Afriland First Bank Cameroon Visa And Mastercards:

The Afriland First Bank Cameroon currently offers two types of prepaid cards called International Cards (I-Cards):

  1. I-Card Visa Card

  2. I-Card Prepaid Mastercard

The I-Card Visa Prepaid Card is the best option for college students and also workers.

Advantages of the Afriland First Bank Cameroon Visa and Mastercard

  •  Weekly withdrawal limit: 1 000 000 Fcfa
  • The card-to-card transfer is possible.
  • The Card is possible for bank account holders or non-account holders.
  • The Refill of the Card at the Afriland First Bank teller.
  • Annual subscription fees: 10 000 Fcfa/ year.

Disadvantages of the Afriland First Bank Cameroon Visa and Mastercard

  •  Validity: 2 years (expires after 2 yrs but renewable).
  • I-Card MasterCard Prepaid Card: This is only issued only Africard First bank account holders.

5. Banque Atlantique Travelers Card: 

This Mastercard can hold up to 20 Million francs CFA, which is impressive. It can be gotten for only 10000 Frs at Atlantic Bank agencies in Cameroon.

6. Orange Money Visa Card: 

This Card is sold under Orange Cameroon. For more details about this Visa Card, read here.

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