Getting A Visa Card Or MasterCard in Cameroon (8 Things)

 Getting a cheap Visa Card or Mastercard is one of the sort-out questions among Cameroonian students, workers, and freelancers. In this 21st century, prepaid or debit cards have proven to be the most convenient and secure way to make online purchases and carry cash around without the need for bulky suitcases.

Getting a Visa Card or Mastercard in Cameroon is now easy as you can get one in the form of a prepaid card, unlike debit cards, which must be linked to a bank account. The fact that the Mastercard or Visa Card is not linked to your bank account helps the event hackers or unscrupulous individuals gain access to your card, especially during online purchases.

Visa Cards (e.g., the Orange Money Visa Card) and Mastercards are usable in all ATM or Automated teller Machines in Cameroon, making it convenient.

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8 Things to Consider When Getting A Visa Card Or MasterCard in Cameroon 

  1. Annual subscription fee
  2. Expiry Date (Validity Period)
  3. Reload Fee
  4. Withdrawal and spending limit
  5. Monthly Maintenance Fee
  6. Location of the Bank:
  7. Money transfer feature moves funds to the prepaid card:
  8. Customer Service: 

Let's elaborate on the above points:

  1. Annual Subscription Fee: Most banks in Cameroon usually demand a subscription fee for the issuance and use of a Visa Card or Mastercard. These subscription fees range 10,000frs to 35,000 FRS. For prepaid cards, this is a one-time payment fee. However, for debit cards linked to a bank account, this amount is curtailed annually.
  2. Expiry Date (Validity Period): When looking for the best Visa Card or Mastercard in Cameroon, choose a prepaid card with an extended validity period. For example, 3 or 4 years is fair enough.
  3. Reload Fee: Some prepaid card issuers in Cameroon, like UBA Cameroon, do not charge an annual subscription fee for their prepaid cards. However, the bank charges you 500frs whenever you deposit money into your Visa or Mastercard or make any online payment. These charges can potentially be more expensive than the annual subscription fees charged by other banks. If the bank charges a reload fee, find out their rates.
  4. Withdrawal and spending limit: most prepaid cards in Cameroon have a withdrawal and spending limit, a stumbling block to internet entrepreneurs in Cameroon who often use their prepaid cards for various online transactions. 250000 FCFA to 1 000 000 FCFA a day is the usual spending limit for most Visa Cards and Mastercards in Cameroon.
  5. Monthly Maintenance Fee: In addition to the annual subscription fees, some banks in Cameroon also charge a monthly maintenance fee, similar to the checking and savings account maintenance fees charged by some banks. This maintenance fee could make usage of a prepaid card very costly.
  6. Location of the Bank: It is imperative to get a Visa Card or Master card from a bank closer to you. Even though all ATMs accept Visa or Mastercard prepaid cards,  most banks charge extra fees for ATM cards not issued by them. These fees usually range from 500frs to 2000frs per transaction. For example, if you go to an Ecobank ATM to withdraw cash with a UBA ATM card, you will be charged 500frs per transaction. However, withdrawal is free with the UBA ATMs for UBA-issued ATM cards.

  7. Money transfer feature moves funds to the prepaid card: When shopping for the best Master or Visa card in Cameroon, make sure that you choose a bank that makes it possible for their clients to transfer money in real-time from their bank accounts to a prepaid card. This link makes card reload very easy. E.g., UBA Bank account holders can transfer funds from their bank accounts to a UBA prepaid card. Hence, they do not need to go to a UBA bank whenever they want to reload their kids' prepaid cards. They can do that on the online platform of the banks.
  8. Customer Service: When searching for a Visa, Master, or prepaid card in Cameroon, make sure that you choose a bank with excellent customer service. An excellent customer care service saves you from headaches in the future. It is noteworthy that customer services in most banks in Cameroon are still at a low level.

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