How to Recover Lost MINFI Payslip Account Password Cameroon

The password to your MINFI payslip account is critical and confidential. 

Without your username and password or login details, you cannot access the Cameroon online payslip portal to download and print your payslip for free.

The Cameroon online payslip portal (e-bulletin) is widely used by Cameroonian civil servants of various categories to obtain their free payslips monthly. Hence, it can be particularly frustrating to not get access to your account as a government worker.

Why is a Valid Password Required to Access the Cameroon Payslip Portal?

Without a valid password, sign in is virtually impossible. The Cameroon payslip website provides an option for users to reset, change, and recover their lost or forgotten passwords or login information. But this is not possible if you cannot remember your security question and answer.

Luckily, Recovery of your Minfi payslip can be made in 2 simple ways. This step by step will guide you on how to get past this hurdle.

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How to Recover the Lost or Forgotten Password to Your MINFI Payslip Account in Cameroon?

Getting a new password for your Cameroon Payslip account is possible in two simple ways:

  1. Answering the Security Question.
  2. Contacting the Administrator of the Cameroon Payslip Portal.

1. Answering the Security Question

Online users or government civil servants must enter a security question and answer during the initial process of creating a MINFI Payslip Account.

This information is used to recover your password in case you forget your password.

To recover your password, do the following:

  • Using your web browser, go to the 'password forgotten' page.
  • Click on the 'forgot password' link.

  • Enter your correct 'Matricule Number', security test question, and answer in the boxes as required.

  • Your password will be reset and sent to your email.

2. Contacting the Administrator of the Cameroon Payslip Portal

This method is required if you cannot remember your password or security question and correct answer. 

In that scenario, the only option is to contact the website administrator to reset and assign you a new password. You can now use the correct password to sign in to your account.

You may contact an administrator of the Cameroon online payslip portal by email via 


Recovering your lost or forgotten Minfi payslip account password is a relatively simple procedure.

Should you need further assistance, you may reach us on WhatsApp. However, this service may be charged either due to abuse or depending on the representative that handles your case. 

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. Responses to queries will be provided for free.

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