Procedure For Minesec DRH Online Census 2024 (9 Steps)

 The human resource agents or workers (DRH) at MINESEC Cameroon carry out an online census of all teachers in Cameroon, administrative staff, and state employees every year. 

The headcount procedure is set to continue for the year. All state workers under the ministry of education (Minesec) are expected to complete the entire process. 

Procedure For Minesec DRH Online Census 2024 (9 Steps)

Below are the steps to take when enrolling in the Minesec DRH Online Census:

  1. Using your web browser, create a user account on the Minesec Website.
  2. After assessing the official website via the link above, click on the 'Personnel Census' column and enter your correct personal information. 
  3. Click on validate and print the entire web page.
  4. Produce a clear photocopy of your National ID Card
  5. Demand an up-to-date Certificate of Effective Presence from your superior at your workplace.
  6. Attach the valid receipt of the last census conducted at your bank, if applicable.
  7. Submit the printed web page with your ID card's photocopy and certificate of effective Service to the census agents from MINESEC.
  8. The Agents in charge of the Online census from Minesec validate your information as provided.
  9. Once the information is validated, the Minesec DRH Online Census will be complete.

Procedure For Minesec DRH Online Census: Tutorial Video

  • You can download and watch the video on your phone offline using this LINK.

Minesec DRH Online Census - The Press Release

The Minister of Secondary Education invites all the personnel working in the Centre, Littoral, North-West, West, and South-West Regions to register online at by 20 April 2024. At the end of this registration,. Each worker is expected to print two copies of the census form from the website. This is in preparation for the second phase of the physical and biometric headcount operation.

The Minister informs the personnel mentioned above that only those who have completed the online registration will be allowed to participate in this operation.

All those who will be absent at the end of the said operation will simply be suspended from the payroll of the Ministry of Secondary Education, Cameroon.

Download the full press release here: Minesec DRH Online Census PDF.

How to Reset and Recover the Password of Your MINESEC DRH Account?

If you have forgotten or lost your password to access the MINESEC DRH interface, do the following for free:
  1. Click on this password reset link to the 'forgotten password' page.
  2. Fill in your username or email assigned to your Minesec DRH account.
  3. Click on submit to reset your password.
  4. You shall receive your new password and new login information by email. 

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