List Of Online Shops In Cameroon In 2024: Best E-Commerce Websites

Buying through online shops in Cameroon has never been the best. Before the emergence of online stores like Jumia, Cameroon's online community experienced slow growth compared to other African countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Egypt, Tanzania, etc. 

Possible reasons for this slow digital marketing rate are the high cost of the internet, mediocre internet connectivity, and reluctance to embrace digital shopping in Cameroon.

With many e-commerce online shops coming up, many Cameroonians now turn to local options instead of foreign websites for goods, such as Alibaba, Aliexpress, eBay, and Amazon.

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Items Sold In Online Shops or Stores In Cameroon

Most online stores in Cameroon sell the following:

  • Electronics
  • Dresses
  • Shoes. 
  • Mobile phones such as Android Phones, iPhones, and Feature Phones ('Choronko')
  • Cars
  • Computers and Laptops
  • Computer Accessories such as Hard Drives, RAMs, Flash Drivers, SSDs, etc

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Means of Payment or Payment Aggregators Used In Online Stores In Cameroon?

Below are the various ways to accept online payments on all websites in Cameroon:

  1. Mobile Money (Mtn MoMo Cameroon and Orange Money)
  2. Credit Cards (Visa Cards and MasterCards
  3. Payment via physical cash on delivery
  4. Smobilpay
  5. E-nkap

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Advantages Of Shopping Online In Cameroon

  • Online shopping gives you the possibility to save big cash via shopping discounts.
  • You can compare the prices of various goods on all online stores in Cameroon before making a choice.
  • You can pay for delivery. This is an added advantage as you don't need to give money upfront.
  • Possibility of free returns on eligible goods bought online.

List Of Online Shops In Cameroon In 2024 (Best Shopping Sites)

Below are the best and most reputable online stores to shop from online in Cameroon:

  1. Glotelho
  2. temogroup Store
  3. Kikuu
  4. Jumia Cameroon
  5. Yema
  6. Sellam Quick
  7. Ubuy Cameroon
  8. Afribaba

1. Glotelho

Glotelho Cameroon dominates online purchasing and selling of goods such as electronics, household appliances, phones and tablets, computers, apple, network, etc. Glotelho accepts Mobile Money, PayPal, and credit cards.

2. temogroup Store

This is a top Free Online Shopping Mall in Cameroon. Besides buying and selling laptops, the online shop offers the lowest prices for the latest electronics, phones, tablets, and tech gadgets. Furthermore, free Shipping and Cash on Delivery is possible for online orders placed in Douala, Yaounde, Bamenda, Buea, and Limbe. temogroup Store is a pay-on-delivery service which makes it very convenient. Furthermore, people can contact customer care directly if they want their products listed for free.

3. Kikuu

Kikuu is an African shopping mall in Cameroon that sells fashion products, dresses, electronics, and mobile phones.

4. Jumia Cameroon

Jumia Cameroon made its name some years ago as a big shopping mall in Cameroon. However, they have since closed their online store. Jumia still has an online space where products are displayed for buying or selling.

5. Yema

Yema Cameroon deals with purchasing and selling goods such as household appliances, phones, tablets, computers, electronics, network equipment, etc. 

6. Sellam Quick

Sellam Quick is one of the oldest online stores in Cameroon. The shop deals with the online purchase and sale of goods such as electronic appliances, fridges, phones, tablets, shoes, computers, dresses, network equipment, modems, etc. 

7. UBuy Cameroon

UBuy deals with laptops, beauty products, home improvement & office products, perfumes, soaps, and discount prices. The online store promises the best online experience in Cameroon.

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8. Afribaba

Afribaba, like Jumia Cameroon, is a classified advert site in Cameroon where buying and selling in Cameroon are commendable. 

The site has an online shop where online shoppers can buy and sell their products and services. Products include cars, electronics, dresses, real estate, etc.

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The online shopping experience is yet to get to its peak. However, with the younger generation in Cameroon, this online activity promises to offer a lot of shipping convenience in the future. 

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