10 Best China, US, and UK Online Shops That Ship to Cameroon

Are you looking for the best China, US, and UK online shops that ship to Cameroon? If so, we got you covered! 

This post discusses our list of the top or best and highly reliable China, US, UK Online shopping sites you can shop on as a Cameroon. These online shops are popular among regular shoppers and can buy foreign wear and cosmetics directly from the US, China, or the UK.

It is a bit of deviation from our earlier list of online e-commerce or shopping sites in Cameroon. While the former has more local content, the latter is foreign wear, cosmetics, toys, babies, phones, etc. With this, you can do all your shopping from the comfort of your home as they are the best e-commerce websites to buy stuff and get shipped to Cameroon.

While 90% of these online shopping sites ships directly to Cameroon, about 10% of them connect to third-party courier services to deliver your orders to Cameroon. Whichever way the shipping is handled, your order will come to you in Cameroon when you shop from these websites.

10 Best China, US, and UK Online Shops That Ship to Cameroon

Below is the list of the best online e-commerce sites that ship to Cameroon:

  1. AliExpress
  2. GearBest
  3. ChinaBrands.com  
  4. DX.com
  5. Amazon
  6. eBay
  7. Best Buy
  8. Walmart
  9. ASOS
  10. Topman

1. AliExpress

AliExpress is a China-based online retail store. It is a subsidiary of the Alibaba group. Here you will find computers, jewelry, toys, security gadgets, clothes, homewares, phones, consumer electronics, and lots more.

AliExpress is unarguably the most used online china shop in Cameroon. Most Cameroonians order Chinese goods via AliExpress. This is facilitated by obvious reasons. They offer swift services, customer care is top-notch, prices of goods are affordable, and lots more.

AliExpress features a currency converter that instantly gives you the price equivalent of goods purchased in FCFA. It also features an excellent navigation system that makes shopping seamless. Please note that apart from being able to ship to Cameroon, AliExpress ships to all world countries.

2. GearBest

Despite not being based in China, Gearbest features many Chinese products that can be shipped to any part of the world, including Cameroon. Gearbest offers top-notch services to its customers. 

Their Website, Gearbest.com, was designed to make online shopping as easy as possible. It features a very intuitive navigation system that makes locating products very easy. They sell electronics, phones, fashion items, etc.

3. ChinaBrands.com

ChinaBrands.com is another top-notch china online store that ships to Cameroon. It is an online shop that is very similar to AliExpress in operations.  

Chinabrands.com offers a very intuitive interface for users to shop. Navigating through various categories on this website is seamless. Categories featured on Chinabrands.com include smartphones and accessories, computers, consumer electronics, clothing, jewelry, and lots more.

Similar to AliExpress, Chinabrands.com also ships to all parts of the world, including Cameroon. Chinabrands.com has swift customer care that operates 24/7. 

Your time zone is not a barrier; customer care is available to you any time of the day. Chinabrands.com boasts of minimal middlemen, features drop shipping service, API integration, and has more than 30 warehouses worldwide.

Like the already mentioned online shops, Gearbest offers top-notch customer service, their customer care works 24/7, and the time zone is not a limiting factor. Gearbest offers products under categories which include: tablets and laptops, smart mobile phones of various brands, things for the house, garden, and personal hygiene, smart and “ordinary” watches, various electronics, jewelry, and a lot more.


 DX.Com is another awesome online shop to ship things from China to Cameroon. DX.com is a veteran that has been in the business for a very long time, offering excellent service to its customers. Over the years, they have shown high-level integrity, excellent service. They also have highly responsive customer service that is available 24/7.

DX.COM features many exciting categories to shop from, including phones and accessories, computers, consumer electronics, clothing jewelry, etc.  DX.COM also features a currency converter that gives you the equivalent of Goods in FCFA.

5. Amazon

Amazon was founded by a business tycoon Jeff Bezos in 1994. It is a huge online shopping website to buy anything you want, and it ships to all countries worldwide. There are millions of various products available on Amazon; you will likely see more than one hundred Amazon sellers offering the same product at competitive prices.

The headquarters of Amazon is in Washington, USA. Currently, according to Wikipedia, Amazon is the largest internet company in the whole world by revenue. 

Some of its products are eligible for free shipping to Cameroon, and there are various payment options to pay for the goods/services you buy. Amazon UK also delivers goods to Cameroon.

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6. eBay

eBay is among UK Online Shopping Sites that Ships to Cameroon

This is another powerful e-commerce platform to shop from when in Cameroon. It is a platform for people from all over the world to buy and sell a variety of items such as consumer electronics, automobiles, collectibles, sports, cameras, baby items, coupons, and etc. eBay is a worldwide e-commerce website, and it also ships to all countries of the world.

eBay is a multinational e-commerce corporation operating from San José, California, USA. It allows for consumer-to-consumer sales and business-to-consumer sales on its platform.

7. BestBuy

BestBuy ships from the US to Cameroon

You will get free shipping on most goods or products you buy at this American e-commerce store. It is actually a multinational consumer electronics retailer with its headquarters in Minnesota, USA. 

BestBuy also offers crazy deals and breathtaking discounts on its products; so, you could possibly get a product 80% off on a lucky day.

This online shopping site ships to Cameroon, and the items you can buy on BestBuy include doorbusters, consumer electronics, gadgets, phones, smart TVs, etc. Shopping on BestBuy is very enjoyable and seamless; plus, there are various payment options.

8. Walmart

Walmart is a USA e-commerce platform that’s founded by Sam Walton. It has and operates various discount department stores, hypermarkets, and grocery stores. 

Its headquarters is at Bentonville, Arkansas. This is one of the best places Cameroon can shop for foreign goods. It has support for many kinds of payment options, including credit cards and Payoneer.

Currently, Walmart is one of the world’s largest companies by revenue. You can get so many things at Walmart, including shoes, fashion gears, electronics, and more.


When no one else cares about shipping to Cameroon, UK fashion outlet ASOS does. To further sweeten the deal, shipping to your Cameroonian address is free for orders above 20 pounds ($32), and there is a discount every other week.

Note that ASOS houses several fast fashion brands that are not exactly known for being durable. You are advised to look out for massive discounts on popular designer labels instead. Also, keep an eye on your inbox for sales tip-offs.

10. Topman

For on-trend designs and designer-quality items that don’t break the bank, men-only store Topman is the place to go. It does not stock as much merchandise as its UK rival ASOS. 

However, it boasts an in-house brand that’s hard to beat at the value game.

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