How To Get a Camtel SIM Card In Cameroon (Price)

To subscribe to the numerous Camtel Cameroon internet offers, like myxtremenet or Fako Plus, you will need to purchase or get a Camtel sim card.

How To Get A Camtel SIM Card In Cameroon?

Here is how to buy and get your Camtel Sim Card:

  1. Go to the nearest Camtel agency or licensed Camtel shop in your locality or town. 
  2. Present relevant documents, such as a photocopy of your National ID card and localization plan
  3. Purchase or buy a Camtel XtremeNet Sim, which is 4G or LTE ready).
  4. The Camtel agent will hand over the preactivated Camtel SIm card to you.

Important Notes When Getting A Camtel SIM Card

  • Configure your Camtel access point name or APN properly on your modem, router, or phone before first use.
  • Make sure you ask the customer service consultant for your password with your myxtremenet account.

Benefits of Purchasing a Camtel Sim Card

Camtel Welcome Sim Starter packs come with 2GB of Free unlimited LTE data.

What is the cost of a Camtel Sim Card?

A Camtel SIM Card costs 500 FCFA.

How to Activate Camtel Internet Bundle or Subscription?

Follow this comprehensive guide on activating your Camtel internet.

How to Recharge Your Camtel Sim Card or Modem?

Contact the temogroup Camtel Recharge Service through WhatsApp on 237658661453

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