Express Union WhatsApp: Contact An EU Money Agent Online

The launch of Express Union WhatsApp has undoubtedly terrified its competitors. The microfinance institution has just launched the first application in Central Africa ( EUMM on WhatsApp) to transfer money via WhatsApp.

“  Express Union confirms its leadership position with this new kind of innovation which is, in fact, the very first financial service in Central Africa accessible on WhatsApp. Now, making a money transfer is as simple and easy as sending a WhatsApp to a loved one  ”, explains the general management of Express Union, on August 20, in the press.

How Does The Express Union WhatsApp Application Work

From this EU WhatsApp application, Express Union Mobile Money customers will now be able to do the following:

  • Transfer money, 
  • Check their balance, 
  • Pay their bills, 
  • Pay school fees, 
  • Send money internationally, 
  • Pay family allowances, 
  • Access after-sales services, etc. 

Express Union WhatsApp Available Countries

This new technology only concerns five African countries as follows: 

  1. Cameroon, 
  2. Gabon, 
  3. Congo, 
  4. Chad
  5. The central African Republic.

Express Union WhatsApp: Contact An EU Money Agent Online

To use the Express Union WhatsApp number service to contact an EU Money agent online, subscribers must do the following:

  1. Register the number 237 674 94 52 82 in your contacts app.
  2. Refresh your contact list on Whatsapp
  3. Send the first message to the EU Mobile number on WhatsApp.
  4. Follow the on-screen directives to interact with the Express Union Whatsapp service.

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