University Of Bamenda Launches Student Hostels (Apply Now)

The University of Bamenda has just launched student hostels for students admitted into its premises.

The accommodation facilities are situated on campus in Bambili and Bamenda.

The University of Bamenda (UBa) is one of the two English state universities in Cameroon and joins the University of Buea in offering equipped rooms for students on campus.

University Of Bamenda Launches Student Hostels

The Campus halls or residences are only available for freshmen or newly admitted students. They are well furnished and can meet the need of every freshman. These dormitories have at least a table, cupboard, free WiFi, etc.

How To Apply and Get Accommodation At The University Of Bamenda Hostel

  1. Go to the directorate of student affairs/housing and catering services and get an application form.
  2. Fill out the application form with your correct information and ID Number.
  3. Submit your application form
  4. In less than 2 weeks, your form will be processed for you to have access to an equipped on-campus room in the hostel.

What are the Rents At the University Of Bamenda Student Hostels Or Dormitories?

Here are the payment modalities and rents for every selected student  who is accommodated at the University of Bamenda hostel;

  • 60000 FCFA per student in a year in a double room.
  • 90000 FCFA per student in a year in a single room
  • Non-refundable caution fee of 10000 FCFA.

What Items are included in the furnished Dormitories?

Student rooms are furnished with:

  • Beds, 
  • Study tables, 
  • Cupboards, 
  • Hot and cold water Showers
  • Lockers and chairs
  • WiFi.
  • Canteen
  • Relaxation hall.

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