Nexttel OhHa: 1.2GB & Free Nexttel Calls For 500Frs (30 Days)

Nexttel Cameroon has just launched a cheap 1.2GB internet bundle which costs 500frs only (Nexttel OhHa). This data plan is accessible to all its subscribers. This comes at a time when hardship and affordability of data bundles are particularly crucial. 

Critical aspects of the Nexttel Cameroon OhHa Data Plan

The critical aspect here is the validity of this Nexttel bundle. The new plan dubbed Nexttel OhHa was introduced in 2019 but disappeared after some time. This was the case with a similar offer called Superdata. The relaunch of this fantastic and cheap Nexttel Offer should bring some joy to Nexttel fans.

Another great add-on to the bundle is free Nexttel Calls within its network. These calls are unlimited and valid 24/7. 

This promo is valid for 72 hours or 3 days after activating the Nexttel Oh Ha offer. This is still brilliant, given that no ISp offers this to a data bundle at the moment. However, it will not last you for 30 days.

How to subscribe to Nexttel OhHa 1.2GB Data Plan

  1. Reload it. Recharge your Nexttel credit. (You can do it online Here)
  2. Dial *860*3# 
  3. Select  1 for the offer
  4. Sit back and download at the best 3G speeds.
  5. You can check your Bonus data by dialing *801*1#

Nexttel introduced an unlimited social media package that provides unlimited access to Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. This is available here.
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