Best Finance and Loan Apps in Cameroon 2024

Individuals and business owners might need extra cash to handle some financial issues around them. Moreover, when all means of getting money have been exhausted, the best alternative is to consider getting a quick and easily affordable loan online.

It is not all about loans: The Fintech space in Cameroon is booming. Many startups are building impressive finance products to help Cameroonians with their everyday finances.

Accessing quick loans in Cameroon banks is lengthy and tedious for anyone looking to access a small loan for a short period. 

Thanks to the Fintech revolution in Cameroon, online lending startups are making it easy for businesses and individuals to access quick loans when needed.

Best Finance and Loan Apps in Cameroon

Best Finance and Loan Apps in Cameroon

Here is a list of Cameroon’s top mobile apps for online business loans, personal loans, and finance.

Djangui Money

Djangui means saving money among a group of people with a joint initiative. Djangui is no longer a thing only for our parents. Everyone today with an income, however tiny, tries to belong to a Djangui group. 

The Djangui app from Appfrabrik offers a new way of carrying out a Djangui with your friends and family.

Djangui Money

Functions of the Djangui app 

  • Handle personal or business loans between members of the Djangui.
  • Helps pay your djangui contribution from anywhere.
  • Manage the entire finance of the djangui. No need for secretaries and treasurers.

Djangui app is one of Cameroon's top or best finance or loan apps.

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Nkwa Finance App

Nkwa App enables users to realize some important personal but challenging projects simply by setting saving goals on the app and sticking to them. The app is geared toward savings and not toward loans.

Nkwa Finance App

Moreover, there is a 3% interest on your saving. They help you keep your money to accomplish your projects, and then pay you for that.


Smobilpay app lets you pay your water, electricity, and TV cable bills; company and property tax – with multiple payment options.

You can also purchase goods and services at your favorite shops, supermarkets, and digital platforms, including airtime from all telecom networks in the country.

It is one of the top finance apps from Cameroon because it is ideal for managing real-time payments across multiple channels. 


Businesses like yours can use it to receive customer payments, printing out receipts instantly. On the other hand, clients are happy to make their payments without worrying about “small changes.”

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Digipos Cameroon

Like the Smobilpay app, Digipos lets you pay your water, electricity, and TV cable bills; with multiple payment options.


Zuumpay manages your financial transactions, including online payments and cheap money transfers. What’s more, the app allows its users to enjoy unlimited financial services. 

Functions of Zuumpay

  • Payment of fees and bills.
  • An e-wallet enables instant cashless payment, money transfer, online payment, and withdrawal facility.
  • Sending or receiving money from home and abroad.
  • Buying and paying for goods on your favorite online shops in Cameroon.
  • Accessing your money from any part of the world.


MeSomb is a finance app from Cameroon that executes all financial transactions with the help of QR codes. You can pay for supermarket supplies, street taxi fares, or hotel bills.

The MeSomb platform also offers a safe and easy way to make all your money transfers in Cameroon. Payment of ENEO and water bills are also possible via its interface.

You can send money via MTN mobile or orange money and purchase airtime. 

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There are numerous electronic financial managers and payment systems in Cameroon today. While most of these platforms claim to offer quick loans without any collateral, it is advisable to carefully study their Terms and Conditions before throwing in an application.

Another factor to consider is the interest rate and payback period. As a business, you will not want to go in for loans with a very short payback period.

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